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Bow Tie Braid Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Cute bow tie braid ponytail hair tutorial.

This bow tie braid ponytail is so cute and unique, it's sure to bring you compliments!

You may remember the "bow tie braid hairstyle" we posted last year? This bow tie ponytail is a fun variation of that hairstyle.  We are loving this ponytail method as it is easier and quicker than the original (since no french braids or dutch braiding is required.)

Bow Tie Ponytail Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

The day my daughter wore this hairstyle, she had so many people ask her how to do it.  It is definitely an eye catcher!  We think the bows running down the ponytail are absolutely adorable.  This hairstyle is quickly becoming one of our all time favorites!

Pretty bow tie braid ponytail hairstyle. Video instructions.

Bow tie braid ponytail hairstyle by Princess Hairstyles. Video instructions.

This style will work best with long or medium length hair.  As mentioned in our video, you can adjust the number of bows you make (as well as the number of strands forming the bows) to the length and thickness of your own hair. 

We used clear elastics for the center of our hair bows. Colored elastics could also be used for a fun twist.  I think jewels or other hair bling would be so pretty placed in the center of the bows or over the elastics as well.  And of course, if you want to hide the hair tie at the top of the ponytail, you could wrap it with hair before you start braiding.

The best trick we can offer for creating this style is the use of hair product.  We used pomade on each strand before making the bows to keep the flyaways down and to help keep the overall look smooth and sleek.

This hairstyle would be great for school, church, or special occasions. Hope you enjoyed!

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