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My Secret Curls! Best Quick and Easy Heatless Curling Method

Quick and Easy No-Heat Curls. Video Tutorial.

This heatless curling method is our top pick for overnight curls. It is so quick and easy and makes perfect curls! We have been experimenting with different no heat curling methods for awhile now and have finally come up with a technique that we love.

Our Secret Curls Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Most curls (without heat) techniques we have tried in the past require sleeping on uncomfortable tight buns, knots, rags, bobby pins, or curlers. We love this method because these small "buns" are loose, and not directly on your head, which doesn't pull or tug on your hair. These work especially well with long hair as you can place them at the ends and not feel any bumps while you sleep.

Our favorite thing about these curls is that it literally takes less than 2 minutes to twist and wrap up your hair, and you only need 2 buns for an entire head of curls. Depending on your preference, you can choose to separate the curls by combing them out, or you can leave the ringlets more intact.

We divided her hair into 2 sections to create these curls. Of course, if you prefer tighter or looser curls, you can adjust the amount of sections to your liking. We feel like pigtails make the perfect curls for her hair, but your hair may be different. The less sections you take, the looser the curls will be.

Supplies needed:
  • Just a few hair ties! You want them strong enough to hold the buns, but made from a soft and stretchy material that won't dent her hair. You'll want to wait several hours for the hair to dry. We usually sleep with these in overnight. As mentioned in our video, you don't want to start with soaking wet hair. Slightly damp works best.

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