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Nicole Brown Simpson Braid, Hairstyle On People Magazine Cover

Nicole Brown Simpson Braid Tutorial

*We took a "photo of the photo" on the right from a magazine cover. Original credit to People Magazine.

A few weeks ago (while standing in line at the grocery store) I noticed this hairstyle worn by Nicole Brown Simpson, on the cover of People Magazine.  Of course, it immediately caught my eye as it is a beautiful braid. And although the photo must be at least 20 years old (since she passed away in 1994) this is a braid that I don't think I have never seen before! Apparently I was not the only one to notice this unique looking braid because over the past several weeks, we have had over 10 requests for a tutorial from fellow braiding enthusiasts!

After studying the photo and trying several different methods of recreating the braid on our mannequin, I could not choose between 2 techniques... so I am showing you both of those in our video today.

Nicole Brown Simpson Braid, Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Keep in mind... Of course, I have no idea how this braid was actually created on Nicole (I wasn't there.)  ;) This is just our interpretation with a similar looking outcome. Our first technique I think looks most similar to the original braid. If you take smaller sections than what I show in our tutorial (above) and keep the braid tighter, you should have an almost identical match to Nicole's braid.

Nicole Brown Simpson inspired hairstyle tutorial

Nicole Brown Simpson inspired hairstyle tutorial

The 2nd technique shown in our video is not new.  It is one that I remember seeing awhile ago on a Russian YouTube account: "Русский."  This braid looks very similar as well.... but not quite the same. On Nicole,  the hair in the middle is laying straight all the way down, where on this braid you can see a slight twist between the sections. But as shown in our tutorial, this braid is easier to take out when you are done, so it may be the way to go!
Braid from People Magazine

Tutorial for braid seen on Nicole brown Simpson on People Magazine cover

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 small, clear elastic to hold the braid at the end.
  • Gel, pomade, or water to help control flyaways.
  • Finishing hairspray.
P.S. We always get questions about where we got our mannequin head.  We found it on Amazon. (Affiliate) The one we purchased is synthetic hair because I didn't want to spend a lot on it. Although if you are looking for better quality, human hair is the way to go.

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  1. Wow! Maybe it's because it's from a picture of Nicole Brown Simpson, but this hairstyle is taking me back, in a good way. I guess it counts as retro?

  2. So happy to have found this! I saw that in the checkout line at the grocery store and couldn't figure out how it was done...excited to try it on my daughter.


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