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Braided Ornament Hairstyle, Christmas Hair

Pretty Christmas ornament hairstyle tutorial

We wanted to fit one more Christmas hairstyle in for you this year and decided on this unique "braided ornament."  The inspiration for this style comes from a braid we posted a couple of years ago on our blog (which we named the "cookie cutter.")  We decided to try a variation of this braid and frame the center of the style with lace French braids in a circular shape, which we were hoping would resemble a round ornament ball! 

Braided ornament hairstyle tutorial

As shown in our tutorial, we added a pompadour in her bangs area and brought the rest of her hair back into a low ponytail.  Of course, if you would rather braid the ponytail or wrap the remaining hair up into an updo, you could do that instead.  Fancy holiday accessories such as a bow, or holly could be added to dress up the top or bottom of this ornament.  "The Princess" was attending a fancy holiday occasion the day we filmed this style and we wanted more of a subtle, elegant look. But, if you want your ornament to stand out more, you could add ribbon to the braids framing the ornament. Red, green, white, silver, or gold ribbon would be so pretty and festive.

Cute Christmas hairstyle, braided ornament tutorial.

Christmas Ornament Hairstyle Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

This hairstyle would be great for Christmas, Christmas Eve, a holiday party, school, church, New Years, holiday dinners, or other special occasions.

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  1. Hello! It's been a while since I visited your blog. It is good to see that your are still braiding and creating beautiful hairstyles.


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