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Top 12 Hairstyles of 2015

Our annual tradition! Please enjoy a countdown of our top 12 favorite hairstyles that were posted on "Princess Hairstyles" this year.

Top 2015 Hairstyles Showcase Video: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Tutorial links for each of the hairstyles shown:

#12 - Pinwheel Bun Shortcut
#11 - Licorice Braid
#10 - Ribbon Coiled Bun
#9 - Twisted Pull-Through Braid
#8 - DNA Braid
#7 - Hook And Ladder Braid
#6 - Triangle (or Heart) Braid
#5 - Braided Rosette and Feathered Headband Hairstyle
#4 - Ribbon Swirl Bun
#3 - Braided 4-Strand Slide Up Accent
#2 - Woven Pyramid Half-Up Hairstyle
#1 - Stitched Fishtail Braid

Top hairstyles showcase video

Thanks so much to each and every one of you for watching and supporting us this past year!  See you in 2016!!

Check out our top hairstyles countdown videos from past years here:


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  1. All these hairstyles are beautyful and intresting . Still never before I didn't seen so interesting hairstyles . I think , that some from them I will try .


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