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Waterfall Twist Ribbon Braid - Ponytail Hairstyles

The Waterfall Twist Braid, Using Ribbon
Waterfall Twist Ribbon Braid Ponytail
Our hairstyle tutorial this week shows how to create a cute and easy waterfall twist braid (with ribbon) and 3 quick ponytail hairstyles using the braid.

If you have made a waterfall twist braid before, this ribbon braid is created exactly the same way. But instead of using 2 strands of hair, 2 strands of ribbon are used in their place. To see the original waterfall twist braid click here:  Waterfall Twist Braid Tutorial
Waterfall Twist Braid With Ribbon
In our first ponytail style (shown above) we have taken a single waterfall ribbon braid across the ponytail diagonally, ending in a bow.
Double waterfall twist braid ponytail
Our second ponytail idea features 2 stacked braids running diagonally across the ponytail. This is probably my favorite of the 3 variations!  Very simple, but different and cute.
Double waterfall ribbon braid ponytail hairstyle
Our 3rd ponytail (shown below) was made using a "carousel braiding technique." Meaning the braids are actually wrapping around the ponytail.  You can watch it here carousel braid if you are needing help with this variation.
Carousel braid (waterfall ribbon twist)

These quick ponytail ideas would be great for cheerleading, sports, school, gymnastics, dance, holidays, etc. Depending on the occasion or holiday, you could choose any color combinations you would like: Green and Red for Christmas, Red, White, and Blue for the 4th Of July, your school (or team) colors for cheerleading or sports, green or rainbow colors for St. Patrick's Day, etc.

Waterfall Twist, Ribbon Braid Video Tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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  1. so awesome!!! love it!!! we're doing it tomorrow :D

  2. Ponytail hairstyle with ribbon looking so amazing .

  3. These are so creative! I can honestly say that I've never seen these done before---very inventive. I love the third one!

  4. LOVE this. Love all of them! As always - so creative! :)


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