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Woven Half Up Hairstyle With Bow

A basket weave braid, and a bow made from hair!
Woven half up bow hairstyle tutorial
For our hairstyle tutorial this week, we have combined some basket weaving with a hair bow to create an adorable half up hairstyle. This style would be cute for a Prom, Homecoming, Flower Girl, Wedding, Communion, Easter Sunday, etc.
Bow made from hair with curls
If you have been following our hair blog for awhile, you may recognize this weaving technique. It is actually from one of our all time favorite styles that we posted way back in 2009, and something that we still use quite often for special occasions.  Every time the Princess wears this type of weaving in her hair, she always gets lots of compliments and attention.  I'm sure you will too!
Basket weave braid with hair bow
In the past when she has worn this woven half ponytail, we have found that the weaving does not hold up very well throughout the day.  In our video tutorial below, we show how to add a braid underneath the weaving to help remedy this problem.  The Princess actually wore this hairstyle to an event a few weeks ago, and the style held up great with the added braid! 
Cute woven hair bow hairstyle
Supplies Needed:
  • Several small hair elastics (clear or similar to her hair color work best.)
  • Several bobby pins
  • Weaving tool.  (A topsy tail, large craft needle, or design weaver will work.)  If you do not have any of these objects, it is possible to do the weaving without... but it is more difficult. The tool we used to weave her hair is called a "Design Weaver" & is made by Scunci.  We purchased ours at Walgreens.

Video Tutorial: Woven Half Up Hairstyle With Bow (click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

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