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Princess Hairstyles Free App

We have a surprise for you!

Princess Hairstyles App

Over the past 9 months or so, we have been working on our very own "Princess Hairstyles / Hair4myprincess app."  And yes, it took us just as long to cook this baby up as it would have to create a human being!!

I admittingly am far from tech savvy, and it's a little embarrassing to say... but I actually do not even own a cell phone that does more than call and text.  Old school!  But, we have a friend who convinced us that we really need an app, because everyone else in the world has a phone! And then, another friend happened to know a "friend of a friend" who creates apps.  So, here we are 9 months later, excited to announce that our app has finally been released for Android in the Google Play Store and in ITunes!

This is a very simple app that was designed to basically store all of our 200+ hairstyle videos and braiding tutorials in one place for easy access. You should be able to scroll through all of our styles there quickly to find exactly what you want without having to search through our blog.  Yay!

Oh and yes, it is free!  You can install it here using your Android device. And here if you are using an Apple or IOS device.

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  1. I just downloaded the app and I love it! LOVE IT! I cannot wait to show my daughter! We will be using this every day! I would love to see a search feature, and also groups (buns, braids, etc.). But I am super happy right now! Thank you!

    1. So glad you like it, and thanks for the suggestions! We hope to upgrade it at some point and add some new features, so we are definitely open to feedback. Thanks!

  2. That is so exciting! Just yesterday I had to pull up a video on my phone because I didn't want to run down to get the computer. I will anxiously anticipate the iPhone app!! Thx!

  3. I already have it on my phone, too. But I too miss groups in there. You already did so many gorgeous videos that it is a bit difficult to find the hairstyle you want if you don't know what you called it. ;-)

    1. I love the idea of the app. But it would be a lot better if you organized the hairstyles. (ie) french braids, half down, buns, ETC.

      Thanks for all the tutorials!!!!!

  4. Wish I could get it you should also do it for other device's I like tablets and stuff I tryed to find it on my husband phone but couldn't find it I wish I could because I would love to have it so I can do some of the hairstyles on my daughter because I love your hairstyles

  5. I just tried it again and it said it's not available for my country dang hope you guess get it to my country soon cuz I'd love to use it


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