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Halloween Hairstyles

Princess Crown Hairstyle 
Today's tutorial is literally a hairstyle for a princess. A crown (or tiara) made from hair! 
Princess Tiara Hairstyle Tutorial
We've been so excited for Fall to come around again.  At our house, this means Halloween decorations, treats, pumpkins, fall leaves, cooler weather, costumes, and of course... Halloween hair!

 We're guessing that some of you may be planning to dress up as some type of princess for Halloween this year?  Instead of buying a crown to go with your costume, what about making one out of your own hair?  The best part, this crown won't get lost or broken, it won't get tangled up in your hair, and your head won't be poked with those awful plastic prongs all night long while trick or treating.  ;)

Princess Tiara Made From Hair
We thought about (and tried) several different methods for creating a crown of hair and finally settled on this one. Some of the ideas we came up with involved french braiding, and others would require wire or pipe cleaners to help the hair hold its shape.  We really love this simple crown because you don't need to know how to french braid to make it, it is quite easy, and the only supplies you will need are a couple of bobby pins and one elastic.  Of course if you want to, you could add some glitter to your hair to make the crown sparkle!
Halloween Hairstyles, Princess Tiara
As you may have noticed, my daughter has quite long hair.  If your hair is on the shorter side, you could still use this basic idea but you may need to modify it a bit.  You could also turn this into an updo or add some curls (depending on the look you are going for.)

Princess Crown Hairstyle Tutorial:

This Halloween Hairstyle would work with many costumes beyond the "classic princess hairstyle." For example: A Fairy, any of the Disney Princess's (Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Merida, Snow White, Ariel, Sofia, etc.) A Bride, Queen, Witch, Beauty Queen, Miss America, Prom/Homecoming Queen.... the list could go on and on!

We do have a few more Halloween Hairstyles ideas (click the link)  if you are still looking for the perfect hairdo.

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