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Candy Corn Hairstyle For Fall

 An "Elastic Web" Hairstyle Inspired By Candy Corn!  Cute Hair Style For Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Fall In General.
Candy Corn Elastic Hairstyle
Some of you may remember the "candy corn style" we posted several years ago on our Princess?  This has been one of our all time favorite hairstyles for Fall and I feel bad that we never made a video tutorial.  So, this is a remake for all of our YouTubers

This hairstyle is great because it works with short hair, thin hair, thick hair, medium hair, and of course, long hair. Pretty much any hair texture or length (and as you can see, even toddler hair.)  This is also a very easy hairstyle to complete with no braiding skills required! 

When we first did this style on the princess, we left her hair down and added some curls.  This time (on the pea) we chose to pull the rest of her hair into a side ponytail with a messy bun.  I love the look of the "candy corn" laying on the side of her head, but if you prefer, you could definitely start the first row along the front (bringing the design straight back to the middle of her head.)
Candy Corn Fall Hairstyle Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Quite a few miniature, mulit-colored rubber bands (the amount will depend on how many rows of elastics you choose to make.)  We purchased ours at Walmart and the brand we prefer is "Goody Ouchless." We used orange and yellow bands this time.  Of course, you could add in white or brown as well if you want, as candy corns come in several different varieties.  ;)

Candy Corn Hairstyle Video Tutorial:
(Be sure to watch the end of this video for a fun clip of "The Pea!"

I realize that many of our Halloween hair ideas are fun, but might be considered rather obnoxious for certain occasions (for example the spider bun!)  But, I think this candy corn style is subtle enough that it could look nice even for church or school.  Most people would probably not even realize it is supposed to be a candy corn and just think it is a cute hairstyle!

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  1. I adore your baby and toddler hairstyles! I just tried this hairstyle on my 19 month old, and it looks great. I just pulled the extra hair back into pigtails instead of into the side bun as her hair isn't quite long enough for that yet. Your blogs have helped turn me from someone who couldn't part straight to having much more ease with my little one's hair. Thank you, thank you! =)


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