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French (Dutch) Loony Ribbon Braid, Cute Hairstyles

A Unique French Braid With Ribbon
Ribbon Loony French Braid Tutorial

Since posting this photo of a ribbon braid (shown above) on our Instagram account a few weeks ago, we have received many requests for a tutorial.  So, we are bringing you the tutorial today! 
Ribbon French Braid Hairstyle
The basic concept of this braid was inspired by our friends over at CuteGirlsHairstyles who posted a "ribbon accented loony braid" done in a low side ponytail.  We thought the braid was so adorable and wondered if it could be done as a French braid or Dutch braid.  After some trial and error, we were finally able to make it work.  And, we love how it turned out.  This is one of those fun styles that will attract lots of attention, comments, and compliments!  This braid looks quite unique with the ribbon zig zagging down the middle, yes? This braid reminds me so much of a hairstyle Rapunzel would wear!
Unique french ribbon braid,
I would say that at first glance this braid looks like a Dutch braid (meaning the outside strands would be coming in under the middle strand) but surprisingly, it is actually a French braid. I'm thinking this is the reason so many of you have been asking for a tutorial. This braid is kind of deceiving to try and figure out how it was done just by looking at it.  We actually tried using a Dutch braid first, and it didn't turn out quite right. Also, as you will see in our video tutorial below, stretching out the strands is probably the most difficult part of this braid (since you will need to be careful where you are grabbing.)  ;)

Supplies needed:
  • 1 small elastic
  • 4-7 ft long length of ribbon (or you could use 2 shorter strands and tie them together)
  • comb or brush

French Loony Ribbon Braid Video Tutorial

As another option, you could substitute the ribbon for 2 microbraids (as shown below.)

Whould you like to comment?

  1. hi, just have a question , how to start the braid when using the microbraids

  2. I made a braid on each side of the middle strand and just started braiding the same way I did with the ribbon. Good luck!


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