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Back To School Clothes

This past weekend at our house was spent going back to school shopping, which has been fun... but also exhausting!  I'm sure those of you with school aged kids know what I mean. 

The weekend before our big shopping trip, we cleaned out everyone's closets. We have 3 children (the princess and 2 boys) in our family, and can you believe between the 3 of them, not one pair of pants fits anyone?  Each child has grown a couple of inches over the summer!

Back to having 3 kids..... we wanted to find some cute/fashionable but inexpensive clothes. As you are all well aware of, back to school fees/school supplies/shoes/lunches/backpacks/clothing/etc. all add up fast.  So, we are shopping on a budget here!

cute school clothes on a budget

Please enjoy a short hiatus from hairstyling with a fun "back to school fashion / clothing haul / look book video" featuring "the princess" and her new school clothes:

I have to say, shopping for a girl is more fun than shopping for a boy (just my opinion) but also more expensive.  My boys are happy with 1 pair of shoes, some basic jeans, basketball shorts, and t-shirts.  Girls are a bit... more tricky.  ;)

The clothes featured in our video were purchased from the following stores:

TJ Maxx

PS:  We have a couple of cute back to school hairstyles filmed and ready to go.  Watch for them in the very near future!

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  1. I like 4 and 6 the best. Simple but classy. By the way, what hairstyles are the Princess wearing?

    1. We filmed this on 2 different days. In the first half of the video she was wearing the "braid in a braid" The second style is a knotted braid that I don't think we have done a tutorial on yet.

  2. Soooo cute! I like #3 & 4 the best. And my daughter has the same bedding! ;) Princess will be so adorable this school year! My kids only got new pants this year!

  3. I can't believe how dressy her clothes are, they look more like going out clothes and even clothes my girls would wear to church. In Australia all schools have uniforms, I knew most American schools wore non uniform but thought it would be a lot more casual.


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