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Double Braided Edgy Ponytail Hairstyle

Back To School Hairstyles, Part 1

Back to school edgy ponytail #hairstyle tutorial
Today we are starting a fun "back to school hairstyles" video series!  Over the next month or so, we will be posting several quick and easy hairstyle ideas that will be great for school mornings.

We are calling today's hairstyle the "double braided edgy ponytail." This style may look slightly familiar to some of you, as this is kind of similar to the "gymnastics ponytail" we posted about a year ago. But for this style... no French braiding is required.  Hooray for quick and simple!

Double Braids Edgy Ponytail #Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair styles with volume on top and the sides slicked back seem to be quite popular right now.... almost a faux hawk look.  If you have extra time in the morning, you could cornrow or twist the sides of her head to get that slicked back look (instead of using simple braids like we have here.) Such a trendy style!

 You might have noticed her bangs (or fringe) area.  We have always called this a "hair puff" but have also heard "hair quiff," "pompadour" or "hair poof." Whatever you like to call it, we think it is super cute and stylish (and really adds some edginess to any style.) In the video below, we show how to make these puffy bangs without having to rat or tease your hair.

Supplies needed:
  • 2-3 bobby pins
  • 3 clear hair elastics
  • Comb
  • 4 cloth covered ponytail holders to hold the braids while you work
Edgy Ponytail Video Tutorial:

PS Be sure to check back throughout the month of August to see the other hairstyles in our back to school series! 

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  1. really really amazing thanks for sharing i try also its very easy.

  2. all styles is unique

  3. Very Creative for people and DOLLS


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