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Half Up Hairstyle, Fairy Wings Braid

Back To School Hairstyles, Part 2

Fairy Wings Braid, Half Up #Hairstyles Tutorial

Can you guess why the Princess named this braid design the "Fairy Wings Braid?"  The strands of hair coming down into the braids on each side of the half ponytail are (sort of) shaped like a pair of wings... yes?

We are both loving this hairdo since it can be created very quickly (a 5 minute hairstyle) but still looks unique and fairly intricate.

Fairy Wings Braid, Back To School #Hairstyles

 In case you hadn't noticed, the Princess's hair is quite long and straight. ;)  But this hairstyle can work for other hair types as well.  If you are working with shorter hair, you could try braiding each side straight across to the back, instead of angling down so much at a diagonal (tying off the braids higher up on her head.)  This style could also work for curly or wavy hair, it would just end up being more textured looking (which I think would be super cute.)

I have included a picture of the top of this hairstyle (below) for a better view of the partings.  Of course, if you are wanting a more grown up look (or teen hairstyle) you can add a pompadour (or hair poof) by adding some volume before you tie off the half ponytail.  Bobby pins or a barrette would also work instead of an elastic if you prefer. 

Fairy Wings Braid Video Tutorial: 

We chose to include this half up hairstyle in our "back to school hairstyle series" because it is quick, cute, and easy.  But, we actually don't leave the Princess's hair down for school too often. Her hair tends to tangle very easily since it is so long and fine. She is going into 5th grade this year and still has recess several times a day.  I don't want her to have to worry about her hair getting tangled and messy while she is playing.  I just want her to have fun!  It also saves time detangling the next day if we mostly keep her long hair up.

So, here is an alternative if you are like us and prefer your hair to be mostly "contained."  The hair style below was made by following the instructions in our video tutorial for the fairy braid, and then instead of tying the braids off at the bottom, the braids were incorporated into each side of a French braid that was started at the top of the "fairy wings."  This variation of the style would be great for gymnastics, soccer, softball, dance (and other sports) as well as school!

"Fairy wings braid" with #frenchbraid #hairstyle tutorialFairy Wings Braid with #Frenchbraid

If you are looking for more back to school hair ideas, feel free to check out "part 1" of our back to school series here: The cute and easy Double Braided Edgy Ponytail

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  1. Love it and I also love that you are now incorporating a bit of the rest of your family in your videos. I loved watching your son behind the boat! I don't think I could do that! Very fun.

  2. I love it! I need to practice with my daughter's long hair and see if I can learn something new. All I know how to do is a regular braid and a pony tail! LOL!

  3. 'Fairy Wings Braid' is very unique and attractive hairstyle.Best thing about this hairstyle is that it is suitable for every type of hair i.e. long, short, wavy. One can adopt this hairstyle to have a unique and stylish look.

  4. this is so cool!! I'm on a mission to find something fun like this I can do with my shorter hair

  5. I have a quick question. My daughter has very long, med-thin hair. I can style it, but within a few minutes there are fly-aways galore! What do you do to keep your daughter's hair smooth?

  6. Could you do a tutorial for the french braid under the fairy wings? I don't get when to start the french braid?

  7. I'm like your daughter, I also have very long hair. So I prefer to keep my hair "mostly contained." I love all the beautiful hairstyles you do! I try and do a different one every day! :)

  8. How hard would this hairstyle be to do without having any help. When it comes do styling my hair I never get any help and I would love to do this kind of style when I go out to festivals like I am later today and tomorrow.


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