May 31, 2012

Diagonal Twist Braid With Ribbon Hairstyle

  Braided Hairstyle With Ribbon
A Hairstyle Request!
diagonal ribbon braid
Photo courtesy Pinterest

This "twist braid" with ribbon style is inspired by a photo of a cute hairstyle that has been requested many times in email and on our facebook page (the image above on the left.) I have also seen the original style floating around on Pinterest, Flickr, Weheartit, and Tumblr. It seems to be all over the internet, and I'm not exactly sure who the original creator is.
twist braid with ribbon

At first glance, this diagonal side swept braid looks to be some type of french twist braid or rope braid with a ribbon running through it. As you will see in our video tutorial, we actually ended up recreating this look with a 4 strand lace braid, similar to the Pleated Ribbon Braid we posted awhile back.  I tried creating this plait a few different ways and the method we used in our video tutorial (below) seemed to look most authentic to the original style.  Of course, I'm not exactly sure how the original hair style was created (this is just my interpretation.) I love how this hairdo turned out but if I did it again, I would try and place the braid up a little higher on her head to look more like the original style.
side swept ribbon braid
We went to the park the day we did this hairstyle and the braid actually held up surprisingly well (even after the swings, the slides, and a game of kickball!)  The Princess also received many compliments on the style which is always fun. 
pinterest ribbon braid

4 Strand Lace Braid With Ribbon Tutorial:

This was a fun challenge and turned out to be such a cool hairstyle!  I'm sure we'll be using it often for the upcoming summer months.

Btw, I have been looking for a solution to our (ever expanding) problem of where to store our collection of hair accessories and came across a great post showing how to make a tutu hairbow holder.  I'm thinking of trying to make one as this would look adorable in the Princess's room!
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May 24, 2012

Mermaid Fin Braid and Updo Hairstyle

2 French Braid Hairstyles

mermaid braid hairstyles

Both of these cute french braided hairstyles (in the image above) were created by using a plait we are calling the  "Mermaid Fin Braid."  The Princess pointed out that the braid's triangular shape reminds her of a Mermaid's tail, or fin! 

french braid hairstyle
This Mermaid Braid hairstyle is quite unique looking, but is also fairly easy and quick to create! You will start by making a set of pigtails, then french braid them together, forming the triangular shaped braid. This is a great hairstyle for long hair. If you are working with shorter hair, it might help to make the pigtails closer together (to give you more length to work with.)
mermaid fin braid
You could either leave the mermaid braid "as is" or create a fun braided updo by pulling the braid inside out (as shown in our hairstyle video tutorial below.) The Princess wears the regular mermaid fin to school quite often, as it is a cute 5 minute hairstyle that stays in place well throughout the day. The curly updo could work for a special occasion such as church, a flower girl, prom, communion, recital, wedding, etc.
cute updo hairstylecurly updo

Braided updo with curls
We created the curls for the updo using our regular old curling iron, then used a few bobby pins to help place the curls where we wanted them to fall.

The "how to mermaid fin braid video tutorial" Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

The Princess and I have really enjoyed both of these cute hairstyles.  Feel free to pin on Pinterest and share on Facebook!

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May 16, 2012

Mini Fishtail Braid Hairstyle With Cascading Curls

Hairstyles For Long Hair
Soft Romantic Curls
And A Messy Fishtail Braid
fishtail side braid
This side swept hairstyle features a messy, romantic look that is so popular right now.  This hair style is versatile and can be worn casual for every day or school.  But is also elegant enough for a special occasion.  This would be a lovely hairstyle for a beach wedding!
side swept curls
Beach wedding hairstyle!
The fishtail braid (or fishbone/herringbone braid) is one of our favorite braids of all time.  So, we enjoyed incorporating a miniature version into this hairstyle.  This "mini" fish braid is actually acting as a barrette or hair tie, holding the curls over to one side. ;)
messy fishtail braid
We created these cascading curls using a curling wand or "You Curl" clip-less curling iron by CONAIR.  I'm liking the natural soft looking curls or waves this type of curling iron creates (compared to the regular spiral ringlets we are used to making with our regular clamped curling iron.)  Any type of curl including no heat curls would be darling and work just great with this style. We have had some requests for hairstyles that will work for naturally curly hair, so if you are lucky enough to have natural curl, you can skip the curling and go straight for the fishtailing!
romantic curls hairstyle
This hairstyle really isn't anything complicated or unique.  Sometimes simple and classic can be so beautiful! 
fishtail braid hairstyle

How to curl and fishtail braid hairstyle video:

BTW: We are hosting a "Youtube only" giveaway right now for a "You Curl" curling iron, along with several hair accessories (inclucing a topsy tail, a bun maker, and some Bendini clips.)  If you would like to enter the contest, click over to our Youtube giveaway video for details.

FTC: Conair and Scunci sent us the curling iron and rose clips shown in this video to try.  No other compensation was exchanged.  The opinions expressed are my own and results may vary.
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May 10, 2012

The Wave Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

An Easy Braided Hairstyle
braided hairstyle
This "wave braid" or zig zag braided hairstyle is actually very easy and quick. The wavy look of this braid is created by stretching the strands in a zig zag pattern throughout the length of a regular 3 strand plait.

The braid in the hairstyle photo below was made by using a thicker strand of hair than in the photo above.  This braid will look a little bit different depending on the thickness and texture of the hair you are working with. 
crown braid
We opted to bring the 2 braids together at the back of her head (creating a crown braid look.) Of course, many different hairstyles and variations could be made with these braids! I like the relaxed, slightly messy, and beachy look of this hair style.
wave braid hairstyle

The step by step video tutorial:

We were debating on calling this "The Leaf Braid" as the braid almost looks like a vine with sprouting leaves!  Whatever you want to call it, it's such an easy and cute hairstyle for summer!

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May 3, 2012

Prom Hairstyles, A Formal Updo

An Elegant Updo Featuring An Upside Down French Braid, Curls, and Twists
hairstyle for prom
The Princess wanted a "Fancy Schmancy" updo hairstyle for a wedding we attended recently. And, we have been receiving quite a few requests for Prom Hairstyles, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity for a formal updo tutorial!
We have also been wanting to do a hairstyle featuring an upside down french braid for awhile now.  And, we finally got around to it! If I were to do a backwards braid like this again, I would make the french braid continue up a little higher on her head, or make a smaller bun though.  As you can see, the french braid is barely visible here and kind of disappointing.
updo with twists
This would be a cute updo hairstyle for many formal occasions: Prom, Homecoming, a flower girl, communion, dance, wedding, church, Easter, etc. I think leaving a few curls (or ringlets) left cascading down gives it an "Elizabethan" or old fashioned, romantic, Renaissance Princess look.  Of course, if you don't like the hair hanging down, you could definitely pull everything up into the bun. 
prom hairstyles
The updo tutorial:

Click here, for the curling iron ringlets used in this hairstyle.
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