May 31, 2012

Diagonal Twist Braid With Ribbon Hairstyle

  Braided Hairstyle With Ribbon
A Hairstyle Request!
diagonal ribbon braid
Photo courtesy Pinterest

This "twist braid" with ribbon style is inspired by a photo of a cute hairstyle that has been requested many times in email and on our facebook page (the image above on the left.) I have also seen the original style floating around on Pinterest, Flickr, Weheartit, and Tumblr. It seems to be all over the internet, and I'm not exactly sure who the original creator is.
twist braid with ribbon

At first glance, this diagonal side swept braid looks to be some type of french twist braid or rope braid with a ribbon running through it. As you will see in our video tutorial, we actually ended up recreating this look with a 4 strand lace braid, similar to the Pleated Ribbon Braid we posted awhile back.  I tried creating this plait a few different ways and the method we used in our video tutorial (below) seemed to look most authentic to the original style.  Of course, I'm not exactly sure how the original hair style was created (this is just my interpretation.) I love how this hairdo turned out but if I did it again, I would try and place the braid up a little higher on her head to look more like the original style.
side swept ribbon braid
We went to the park the day we did this hairstyle and the braid actually held up surprisingly well (even after the swings, the slides, and a game of kickball!)  The Princess also received many compliments on the style which is always fun. 
pinterest ribbon braid

4 Strand Lace Braid With Ribbon Tutorial:

This was a fun challenge and turned out to be such a cool hairstyle!  I'm sure we'll be using it often for the upcoming summer months.

Btw, I have been looking for a solution to our (ever expanding) problem of where to store our collection of hair accessories and came across a great post showing how to make a tutu hairbow holder.  I'm thinking of trying to make one as this would look adorable in the Princess's room!