May 24, 2012

Mermaid Fin Braid and Updo Hairstyle

2 French Braid Hairstyles

mermaid braid hairstyles

Both of these cute french braided hairstyles (in the image above) were created by using a plait we are calling the  "Mermaid Fin Braid."  The Princess pointed out that the braid's triangular shape reminds her of a Mermaid's tail, or fin! 

french braid hairstyle
This Mermaid Braid hairstyle is quite unique looking, but is also fairly easy and quick to create! You will start by making a set of pigtails, then french braid them together, forming the triangular shaped braid. This is a great hairstyle for long hair. If you are working with shorter hair, it might help to make the pigtails closer together (to give you more length to work with.)
mermaid fin braid
You could either leave the mermaid braid "as is" or create a fun braided updo by pulling the braid inside out (as shown in our hairstyle video tutorial below.) The Princess wears the regular mermaid fin to school quite often, as it is a cute 5 minute hairstyle that stays in place well throughout the day. The curly updo could work for a special occasion such as church, a flower girl, prom, communion, recital, wedding, etc.
cute updo hairstylecurly updo

Braided updo with curls
We created the curls for the updo using our regular old curling iron, then used a few bobby pins to help place the curls where we wanted them to fall.

The "how to mermaid fin braid video tutorial" Click here to watch directly on YouTube.

The Princess and I have really enjoyed both of these cute hairstyles.  Feel free to pin on Pinterest and share on Facebook!