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The Wave Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

An Easy Braided Hairstyle
braided hairstyle
This "wave braid" or zig zag braided hairstyle is actually very easy and quick. The wavy look of this braid is created by stretching the strands in a zig zag pattern throughout the length of a regular 3 strand plait.

The braid in the hairstyle photo below was made by using a thicker strand of hair than in the photo above.  This braid will look a little bit different depending on the thickness and texture of the hair you are working with. 
crown braid
We opted to bring the 2 braids together at the back of her head (creating a crown braid look.) Of course, many different hairstyles and variations could be made with these braids! I like the relaxed, slightly messy, and beachy look of this hair style.
wave braid hairstyle

The step by step video tutorial:

We were debating on calling this "The Leaf Braid" as the braid almost looks like a vine with sprouting leaves!  Whatever you want to call it, it's such an easy and cute hairstyle for summer!

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  1. That is so cute and simple. Something I can do in the mornings before school hair-do. Love it!!!

  2. as always, cute & pretty & very creative! how do you come up with these hair styles ideas? and you also gave them nice "hair names"!

  3. Hey it looks so nice and easy. I love it and I wish I could do this for my daughter too.
    Have a nice day and best wishes from germany

  4. Hi this is sanjana its very easy to make.Very nice and beautiful i like a lot

  5. this style is cool! The waves do look like leaves! I think this would be cute with a braided flower at the end. then it would be the vine the leaves and the flower.

  6. Hi....What a lovely hair style...! I like it so much.

  7. wow! nice braid hair style! so tricky and I like the hair of this lovely little girl.. So shiny and healthy looking hair..

  8. You amaze me ily

  9. wow u call that braiding i can do a 20 strand braid

  10. Looks so exotic and unique but really is easy to make! Thanks for this! Can't wait until school starts! I have so many hair styles i'm Dying to wear.

  11. I pull the braids out on the side and then as I keep braiding I end up pulling them tight again. Ahhhhh so annoying.


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