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Honeycomb Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

 Unique Hairstyles:
A Cute Headband Made From Hair!

honey comb hairstyle

This honeycomb headband hairstyle is a variation of our "chain link headband" which we posted a couple of years ago.  The chain headband we made in the past used only one chain instead of several. After finishing this style, we decided the connected circles of the chains looked just like a honeycomb!

honeycomb hairstyle with curls

This hairstyling technique (which we call chain braiding) can be used to make a variety of interesting and intricate styles.  The trick to making the "circles" neatly is to get the hair wet before you begin, or use hair product to prevent flyaways.  I prefer water over product because I have found that gel tends to makes her hair sticky and tangled the next day. But, definitely do what works best for you. I know that some hair textures will not stay shaped this way without some type of gel or pomade. It is also helpful to use very small or thin strands of hair to create the knots in the chains. 

connected chains hairstyle

The way we made our headband hair style in the video tutorial below will require long hair.  This style can be adapted for shorter hair though.  Instead of tying the chains underneath her head (as shown in our video) you could tie each side with a section of hair behind her ears.  Or, you could use these chains to make a completely different hairstyle.  The other day we made some chains in the front section of her hair and pulled them back into a half ponytail (which was super cute.)
connected circles hairstyle

How to make a "multi chain" hairstyle video tutorial:

I realize this hairstyle probably isn't for everyone, as it is quite different! But, the Princess loves it and always receives lots of compliments and attention when she wears chains in her hair (which she loves.) I'm sure you will too!

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  1. Mobile wedding hair and makeup BrisbaneNovember 26, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    Thats a really cute hairstyle for a little girl.

  2. Awesome!!!! I am trying this one tomorrow! But with only one strand of chains to begin with!!!! haha

  3. Amazing! Will try this on my sister's hair.

  4. Really think this is beautiful. A whole lot easier than I thought it would be. Definitely trying this!


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