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3 Minute Updo!

A Cute Twist Hairstyle,
An Easy Updo

easy and cute twists hairstyles

We love this twisted updo because it is super easy and quick. You can literally create this up style is less than 3 minutes! The best part..... there are no braiding skills required.  Anyone can do this one (although you will probably need medium length or long hair to pull it off.)  

Up do styles such as this can be worn as casual / every day looks for school and work. Or, for elegant and special occasions such as a formal dance (Prom, Homecoming) church, wedding (a bridal hairstyle) etc.  You could even add some little flowers, clips, jewels or other "bling" around the twists to make a more fancy hairdo if you desire.

up style hairstyles

Supplies needed:
  • 1 elastic
  • Several bobby pins
  • Rat tail comb (optional)
  • Standard comb or brush

 How To Do Updo Video Tutorial:

If your hair is shorter, or more fine, you might try starting this hair style with 2 ponytails instead of one, as shown in our video tutorial (which would double up the twists.) You could stack the 2 ponytails on top of each other, or set them side by side... whichever you prefer. If you are an "over achiever" you could even try a cute 3 ponytail updo!  ;)  This same technique could also be used to create a half up hairstyle by starting with a half ponytail (if you are wanting to leave your hair mostly down.)

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  1. Super cute! Can't wait until my daughter has enough hair for this one!

  2. that's fabulous! I really like the pink background in this video, the green was a bit too bright.

  3. My daughter's hair isn't quite long enough for this, but we managed to put the front up like this! It's really cute on her, too!

  4. Brisbane wedding hairNovember 26, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    A very nice and easy to follow video tutorial. I may have to give this one a go one day!

  5. i still can't seem to watch this stupid video. it plays but the screen is black and there is no sound whatsoever ....

  6. That hair is cute. Im going to try it out for me Valentines Dance.

  7. I really love this style! I have poofy, ultra thick hair that goes with any style. I absolutely love wearing my hair like this!

  8. I think it looks sloppy.

  9. From the photo, it looks so complicated. I have no idea how it is so simple to do. It looks elegant in a bit messy way. Great site!


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