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Scallop Edge Braid Tutorial

A Unique Braided Hairstyle For Long Hair and Medium Hair

unique braid for long hair

We have been enjoying this fun "scallop edge braid" and have used it to make a variety of cute hairstyles recently!

There was a picture posted on our facebook page awhile back by one of our readers, which was a french braid or dutch braid with the edges of the plait flared out and woven.  We decided to try and recreate that braid, but without the french braiding (to simplify it a bit) and this is how it turned out! Btw, I wish I could find that picture now to show you. But, facebook has made some changes to the way things are displayed on our page and I'm finding it very difficult to find older pictures on there now.  UGH.

long braided hairstyle

Her hair is getting quite long now, isn't it? I'm loving it with curls! I think this would be a cute hairstyle for a flower girl, wedding, church, recital, school, or even a renaissance faire.

If you are wondering how we created the curls shown in these pictures, we used a regular old curling iron and the curling technique found at this link: How to Curl Hair Video

pulled edge braid with curls

How To Make A Scallop Edge Braid Video Tutorial:

P.S. If you are a regular to our site, and after watching the video... you may have recognized the technique used to make this braid from our Chain Link Braid Headband video (which used knots instead of a braid.)

  • Below is one more fun variation to try with this braid!

(This picture probably won't make any sense unless you have already watched our video above.)  But, instead of bringing the top strand underneath the 3 strands as shown in our video... try weaving it over and under the 3 strands, and then add it into the braid (as shown below.)

braid instruction

Making this slight change as you are braiding will result in the braid turning out much more intricate!

intricate braid

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  1. Me encantan tus peinados!! Te sigo por todos tus canales! Te admiro muchisimo!

  2. guess i'll still have to wait for my daughter's hair to grow long again :) Any tips on how to make her hair grow faster?? It was in June when i cut her hair into "chin length" and now it's November & her hair is up to her shoulder blades at the back.

    1. Unfortunately I don't know any secrets for making hair grow faster. I'm sure it won't be too much time and her hair will be long again. :)

  3. is it this one?

  4. cool :)looks intricate but so easy ;) :-*

  5. Thanks for all your hairstyle ideas! I do my hair by myself every morning before I go to school and I LOVE all things I can do!!! I also babysitt some little girls and do their hair in the mornings with the toddler styles. Thanks!!!!

  6. really cool but i dont know if I could do it :(

  7. i like that hairstyle alot

  8. Is there an easy way to do it on yourself?


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