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Fishtail Braid With A Twist

Fish Braid - Twist Hairstyle
(Hairstyle Tips And Tricks)

fishtail braid twist hairstyle

Who doesn't love a cute fishtail braid on the side?  The Princess has been wearing this trendy hairstyle a lot lately.  But, the problem we have been having with a herringbone braid is.... halfway through the day, most of the hair on the opposite side of the braid will loosen itself up and come right out of the hairstyle, making a frazzled looking mess. Does anyone else have this problem? I realize that messy hair is "in" and popular right now, but the mess that comes as a result of most of a braid coming out isn't really the "cute messy" look that we would try for and actually is more just..... messy! ;)

twisted fishbone braid
Our hairstyle tutorial below shows how to add a quick and easy twist to help keep the braid intact throughout the day (as well as adding a cute flipped look to the style.) This twisting method doesn't have to be just for fish tail or fish bone braids, but will work with any type of  braid really.  The Princess has quite long hair now, but when her hair was shorter we used this technique a lot for many side braids and side ponytails (since her hair wasn't long enough to reach all the way around her head.)
fishtail braid with twist
When we posted this picture below with our DIY pop tab headband tutorial a few weeks ago, we had some questions regarding how we added the twist to the back of the fishtail braid shown in the photo.  Some were wondering if we had used a topsy tail to flip the braid and create the twist.  As you will see in our video tutorial, we didn't use a topsy tail.  I have found that using the topsy tail method and flipping the braid inside out creates a twist that isn't quite as secure as the method we have been using.  But it does help somewhat to keep the hair from falling out of the braid and looks cute besides, so you may want to try it sometime as another option.
fishtail braid with pop tab headband

Video Tutorial:  How To Fishtail Braid
And, How To Add A Twist To Help Keep The Braid Intact

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  1. Beautiful hairstyle but did you know theirs a much easier way to make that twisit?

    1. Put your hair in a low ponytail make a hole above the elastic and stick your ponytail through it it will create a twist!

  2. Thank you sooo much!!! I have been trying to figure out how to keep away the fly aways in a side braid for a long time. This is perfect! Way better than boby pins (which tend to slide from where I wanted them as the day progresses.) Thanks!!!!!

  3. Super cute, now if my daughter's hair would grow!

  4. This is really cute! I still can't do much to my daughter's hair since she cut it last year, but hopefully eventually I'll get to try some of your tutorials LOL!

  5. thats very amazing i was tryin to se how ten boombam i saw this video i got it for my grandaughter she love it <3 thx


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