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Gymnastics Hair - French Braid Ponytail

A Cute Gymnastics Hairstyle
Inspired By Nastia Liukin
french braided ponytail
While watching the 2012 Summer Olympics recently, we saw a clip of a gymnast named Nastia Liukin wearing this darling braided ponytail hairstyle.  Nastia wasn't part of the "fabulous five" USA women's gymnastic team for this Olympics, but was actually the all around women's gymnastics champion in 2008!  You can read more about her if you are interested here:  Nastia Liukin

When "The Princess" and I saw this cute hairstyle on Nastia, we both were excited to try and recreate it.  Of course, this style doesn't have to be just for gymnastics.  This would be a great hairstyle for sports of all kinds (cheerleading, dance, soccer, figure skating.... whatever you like to do)  as well as everyday wear or school.

This hair style is very quick and easy (if you know how to french braid)  and much more fun than a boring old ponytail.  ;) 

I'm sure while competing in the Olympics, hairstyles are most likely not one of the first things on these girl's minds (and obviously of little importance.) But, I had to laugh when after my daughter watched the clip of Nastia, she said "You might as well look cute while you are winning..... right?" I whole heatedly agree! 

olympics hairstyles
Gymnastics Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

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  1. very cute lol almostright my name is anastasia and nastiya in russian

  2. That's too funny cause I was thinking the entire time I was watching them perform was "man, they should have checked out hair blogs for cute braids!" Wish I had seen this for little one today as it was first day of school and she wanted a pony tail. Can bet I'll be doing this for her tomorrow though.

  3. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing all of these great ideas! My 5 year old watched this video tutorial with me and said "Wow Mommy! That girl is so brave!" So funny. We are rocking our first week of school with your awesome ideas. Thank you! Thank you!

  4. I saw this in the olympics and thought it was really cute. My sis loves it. thanks

  5. hair extensions australiaAugust 19, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    I love your way of pulling your hair from the forehead..its such a earthy look .

  6. Thank you so very much I have a 4 yr old with hair to her bum n she just let me start doing her hair. Now i can be a creative mommy n she will look cute n put together at school.

  7. what a great idea! my daughter has taken awhile to grow her hair back out and we're getting back into really "DOING" her hair for school this year... I'm definitely going to try to come up with a take on Nastia's do... I want to do the poof differently

  8. Yay hair for me and my friends for gymnastics!

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just did it on my 6 yr. old sister who is blond. She looks soooo cute!

  10. Now to try to perswade my 5 yr. old sister to let me do hers.

  11. that is such a pretty hairdo!

  12. love your hairstyles can you do some more with out the the fringes/bangs i think that what you americans call them i'm not sure but i'm from england and we call them fringes but can you post some more videos love them keep going and your a star your making my life so much easier with all of these hope you have a lovey time just keep going xxxxxxx

  13. Just FYI bobby pins are definitely allowed! Actually, we gymnasts live off them! Well that and a ridiculous amount of hair spray!

    1. LOL! My hair is so long that I can't put it in a bun so I find myself using lots of hairspray and bobby pins just to keep it out of my face while doing flips.

  14. its cool and all maybe I can wear it to gymnastic 1 day lol !<3


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