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Pretzel Knot Headband Hairstyle

 Knotted Hair Headband
A style idea using pretzel knots.

pretzel knot headband hairstyle

Unfortunately we didn't make a video or step by step photo instructions for this hairstyle.  We did this style the other day for school and decided  it was just too cute not to we are!  Just another fun idea using the pretzel / celtic knot we posted the other day. Click here: Pretzel Knot Video if you are not sure how to make the knots.  As a side note: If I did this again, I would definitely scrunch up those knots to center them more over the middle of the headband (hindsight.) 

We used a total of 8 tiny elastics to create this style  (4 in the front and 4 behind the headband in the back.)  I have found it is easier to add the elastics in the front first, and then place the headband.  After I placed the headband where we wanted it, I added the knots, and lastly secured them with the elastics behind the headband.

This style could be made with or without a headband or ribbon underneath the knots.  I think the headband really makes the knots stand out and pop instead of just blending into the hair though.  My friend Becky over at "Babes In Hairland" introduced us to the idea of placing a headband using elastics quite awhile ago, and we utilize the idea quite often with different styles! 


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  1. I love this, must give it a go! :)

  2. So Cute!!! I will have to try to persuade one of my younger sisters to let me try this on them! Where did you get that cute headband?

  3. How cute is that. Love it Kori. Thanks for the shout out too! We use this headband thing all the time!

  4. I was wondering if you could come up with a hairstyle I could easily do on myself for track meets. None of the other girls know how to do a lot of the styles I would like to wear. Thanks!!!

  5. Wow! That really makes the knots stand out and adds wonderful color too. I really love this one, thank you for sharing.

  6. Could you please make a video or steps
    Nice coloured hair

  7. tutorial ´please!!!!


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