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Sidewinder Ribbon Braid Tutorial

A Unique French Braid Hairstyle With Ribbon

ribbon braid

This braid is created by using 3 strands of hair and a ribbon, scarf, or piece of fabric woven through the strands. After making this braid a few times, my personal opinion is that it is easier to manage than a regular french braid.  If you are having a hard time figuring out a french or dutch braid, this might be an easier alternative. This braid can be made the standard (tight) way, or as you can see in the picture below, can be stretched out for a softer or messy look. We like it both ways! This would be a fun hair style for cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, soccer, or other sporting events (as you could change up the color of ribbon to match your team.)

We held a "name this braid" contest on our facebook page a few weeks ago and "The Princess" ended up choosing the name "Sidewinder" from all of the entries. So, congrats and thank you to our facebook fan(s) who came up with the name Sidewinder for this unique ribbon french braid! There were lots of cute names suggested and The Princess had a very hard time choosing!

puffy braid with ribbon

Sidewinder Ribbon Braid Video Tutorial:

This braided hairstyle can be made diagonally swept across the back of the head (as shown.) Or if you would prefer, you could make a single braid straight down the middle.  You could also create 2 braids forming pigtails, or 2 crossing braids.  We would love to see your creations on our facebook page if you try this braid! 

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  1. me encantan todos los peinados... yo los hago todos...

  2. Cute! I just did this one on my little sister. We used two braids.

  3. your children are adorable

  4. it beautyful thank you I like it

  5. Hi,
    I am a 13 year old girl who loves doing all your cute and fun hairstyles on my little sister, and I check your blog almost every day because I can't wait until your next hairstyle post! Anyway, this morning, when I was doing my sister's (5-years-old, VERY short and layered hair, growing out bangs) hair, and trying to do something like a french-braided-headband style into two piggy-tails-sort of thing, but it turned into a SUPER cute off-center high ponytail, and I would have posted some pictures, but I can't figure out how to post pictures on this thing lol...
    Anyways, the reason I'm telling you about this is that I was wondering, if you had any spare time (which I know is a blessing around this time of year, with school ending!), if you could try to re-create it, because I wanted to see your take on this style!
    And now, because this post is getting really long, I'll just describe the hairstyle to you:

    1. I started with dry hair, and just sprayed down the parts that I was going to be braiding lightly.
    2. She had a side part to the left, so I kept that there.
    3. Then I parted off about an inch to two inches of hair all the way around, and pulled the remaining hair into a pony just to keep it out of the way.
    4. Next, I dutch-french-braided the left-out hair, starting on top from the side with more hair, and ended just behind her right ear, and put an elastic around it.
    5. Then I dutch-french-braided starting on top with the side with less hair, all the way around until it meets the other french braid.
    6. Lastly, I pulled all of the hair (including the braids) into a smooth, high, side ponytail.

    Thank you for all your great ideas and sharing them with all of us, and taking your time to do this :)

  6. wow trying to find a side french braid with ribbon in it, havent found it yet hopping you have it


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