Apr 19, 2012

Pretzel Knot Hairstyle

A Celtic Knot, or Pretzel Knot, made from hair!
celtic knot hairstyleThis hair barette (half up) style was inspired by a Youtube video showing how to create a celtic knot bracelet. We actually filmed this hairstyle back in January (for the Princess's Birthday.) I had kind of forgotten about it until I came across an awesome hairstyle on Google Images which used these knots to form a "pretzel knot net!" You can see that style on Pinterest by clicking here: Pinterest hairstyle.

There are many, many different styles that can be created using these hair knots. In the picture below, we made a quick double knot hairstyle. I think this would look so neat on extra long hair to create a long row of knots all the way down!
pretzel knot hairstyleAnd here, we tried a (very shortened) variation of the "knotted net" like the photo on Pinterest. One of these days (when we have some time) the Princess would love to have little pretzels all over her head. ;)
knot made from hairBefore you try this, you may want to know that this knot can be a challenge at first. But don't give up! With practice, it becomes quite easy and quick. It is definitely helpful to spray the hair with water or hair gel before you begin.

Here's the video tutorial:

This would be a cute hairstyle for teens, moms, girls.... all ages! You will need fairly long hair to create the knot. If you are working with shorter hair, I would suggest using strands from the top of the head that are close together (to fully utilize the length.) I have seen this knot called a Carrick Bend, Infinity Knot, Pretzel Knot, Nautical knot, or Celtic Knot. I think this looks most like a pretzel made from hair, so we are going with that. Enjoy!