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Winding Lace Braid With Rosette Accent

The Winding Snake Braid Hairstyle, With A Braided Flower
braided hair flower hairstyleThis braided hairstyle is a variation we promised of the winding lace braid (or snake braid) we posted a few months ago. I think this would be a cute hairstyle for a flower girl, a wedding, or other special occasion (as the rosette made from hair adds an elegant touch.)
braided headband with flowerWe didn't show much of the "lace dutch braiding technique" in our video (that was used to create the braided headband in this style.) I recommend searching Youtube for a "dutch braid tutorial" if you don't know how to do this. We are planning on filming a how-to dutch braid video at some point, but it may be awhile before we get to it. ;)
hanging braidThe lace braid and hair flower combination video:

After we filmed this style (back in February) a braided flower hairstyle popped up in my subscription box on Youtube (from one of my favorite hairstyling channels) which can be found here: Lilith Moon I wish I would have seen Lilith's variation of the braided rosette before we filmed this style. I love the way she made her rose (by pulling on the strands from only one side of the braid.) I would recommend making the flower accent the same way she did hers if you try this hairdo, as her rose turned out so much neater! We have made several hair flowers since we filmed this style, and Lilith's technique is definitely the way to go!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love love love this hairstyle. Unfortunately my DD is asleep in braids tonight, but she will definitely be sportin this gorgeous do to school on friday. Thank you!

  2. nice hair Style...I love this hair style

  3. Love the braided flower idea! I found your blog a couple of months ago and I wanted to thank you for all the cute hairstyle ideas. I love doing hair but I always just did a simple braid or something untill I found your blog. It helped me find unique ideas to try.

  4. Hey! I'm the daughter on this occasion, not the mum! I'm doing cheerleading with my friends and we all want a hairstyle that is easy to cheerlead in, is easy to do and looks really amazing. Please tell me if you create one! Molly :D xxx (Btw I've been a follower of your blog since Christmas and LOVE it! You'll know it's me coz I'll always sign Molly :D xxx)

  5. loved it! as usual.....
    plus i love the way you posted the's like an old photo. so nice

  6. Great article and video, we have shared the video on our site, keep up the great work!

  7. WOW! You have inspired my daughter and I so much. You are AMAZING!
    I made my own hairstyling blog!

  8. have I ever posted how much i wish i had a a little girl your styles are soo fun

  9. Gorgeous!! My daughter loves braids she's 5 qndo loves getting her hair done!!! so she will defenitly love this hair style it seems difficult but u explain it so well

  10. Did this on my daughter a couple of weeks ago and everyone loved it!!

  11. I love Lilith Moon. I like how she does it on herself so I know how to do it on myself too.

  12. I'm a daughter. And I have a passion with doing hair. The problem is, my mom never had hair to learn how to do hair ( hers is big and curly ) I do my own hair which is short and wavy.

    1. Sorry it cut off.
      Is there anyway u can do a hairstyle that is quick to do in the morning cuz I'm in middle school and might also be easy for gymnastics. For competitions, not practice. It would be nice. Thank you.
      *ํ Rose

  13. So cute my daughter and I love it thx p.h


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