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Spring Hairstyles, DIY Ribbon Flower And Clover

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles - Ribbon Shamrock Hairstyle Ideas
st. patrick's day hairstyleHey guys! We wanted to share a quick way of adding a touch of green to your hair before St. Patty's Day. Nobody likes to be pinched... right?

Our video below shows how to create both a clover and a flower out of ribbon. This 4 leaf clover (or Shamrock) variation could be used to create a green shamrock headband (as shown above) or to add a shamrock to any hairstyle or braid. A french braid and fishtail braid are shown below as examples:
french braid with clover st patricks day hair idea

This is a very quick, easy (and cheap) way of making an accessory for any hairstyle. Best of all, there is no sewing or glue involved to create these flowers.... only ribbon!

Easy Ribbon Flower Headband
ribbon flower headbandIn the pictures below, we have added the ribbon flower to a pleated ribbon braid to form a fun spring headband hairstyle. The possibilities and hairstyles you could create with these flowers really are endless!

ribbon braid spring hairstyles

DIY ribbon flower video tutorial:

We have found that thin ribbon seems to work best for making these flowers. We buy our ribbon at Walmart or various craft stores (it's usually less than $1 per spool.) The length of ribbon you will need depends on the hairstyle and the size/number of petals on your flower (plan on between 2-4 feet.) And, I think this probably goes without saying..... but, you'll want to be extremely careful not to cut any hair when you are trimming the ribbon at the end. ;)

Click here for more: St. Patrick's Day Hairstyle ideas. And, be sure to post your St. Patty's day styles on our facebook page. We would love to see them!

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  1. wow i love these! particularly the pleated ribbon braid headband - it's stunning and you'd never guess how easey it is :L

  2. This is adorblee! Love the flower!


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