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St. Patty's Day Hairstyles, The Leprechaun Trap

Another Fun St. Patrick's Day Hairdo...
The Leprechaun Trap!

st. patricks day hairstyleI'm sorry we didn't get this hairstyle up sooner or take any step by step pictures. I know some of you have already done your St. Patrick's Day hairstyles a day early for school this year, but we wanted to share anyway. This was kind of a last minute thing today and is actually an idea brought on by our 5 yr old boy. He was excited to dress up our Little Pea for St. Patrick's Day. ;)

To create this style:

1. Make 4 braids along the front of her head and join them all together in the back with one elastic band.

2. Cut (3) 1-2 ft lengths of ribbon. Using a craft needle, sew the ribbons through 2 braids sitting next to each other in a criss cross pattern (the same way we have shown in other lacing hairstyles.) Repeat this process for the remaining braids.

3. Finish off the hairstyle by adding a bow or clover with the leftover ribbon.

There you have it... a lovely green web, perfect for catching a Leprechaun!

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  1. I just made an in-depth post on my blog about what men like most about women's hair and how to improve it. Check it out:

  2. tooo cute I bet she caught a couple of them too

  3. How adorable. Perfect hairstyle for st patricks day!

  4. Very cool. Can you come teach my daughter that it's fun to have her hair done?

  5. That is adorable! I love it!

  6. Too cute! I might have to see if Aubrey will let me do this with her hair!

  7. we like the parade of color hair band!

    Teri Gabriel


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