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Candy Cane Braid Hairstyle

Christmas Hairstyles, The Candy Cane Braid!

christmas hairstyles for girlsThis "candy cane braid" (which we named after the stripy pattern of ribbon running down the braid) is the first of several Christmas and Holiday hairstyles we plan on posting this year. We've been having so much fun!

We stumbled upon this braid by accident one day. It's actually just a 4 strand woven braid (which we have shown on video before.) The position and placement of the ribbon is what forms the stripes and makes this braid "holiday worthy." :)
christmas hairstyleOf course, this braid doesn't have to be just for Christmas. It really would be darling anytime. For a more "grown up" look, you could loosen up the braid and add a little mess. I could see this working for teens and adults as well.

You will need fairly long hair to complete this style. If your hair is shorter, you might try adding the braid in a half ponytail - or closer to the top of your head (where you have more length to work with.)

Here's the video tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

A side note: The princess and I thought this would look so neat on someone with blonde hair and red ribbon.... Just like a candy cane!

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  1. YAY so fun!! cant wait to try it!! woohoo

  2. Wow I guess there's two of us... =] ^^^ lol. So cute! I think if someone had red hair and used a white ribbon it would look SO cute! I'm going to try this tomorrow! Great idea!

  3. I have long blonde hair, so I'm going to try to get my hubby to do this for me (that part will be just between us). :-)

  4. This one is by far my favorite variation to the 4-stranded braid!

  5. I think it would also look cute if your ribbon was red on one end and green on the other because then every other stripe would be a different color! How cute is this!

  6. So cute.

    And thanks for describing the 4-strand braid in easy terms.

  7. Hey I really love your blog! I love this braid! I do it all the time! :) Thank you for all the great ideas! Could you possibly do a tutorial with curling your hair with a sock? I have tried all ways i can possibly think of and it never works!:( Thank you so much again!

  8. adding a ribbon makes it sooo festive Love it

  9. Thank you for your site. I've been a braiding fool ever since I found it. I know it might seem silly, but I've always wanted to know how to do the different types of braids. I never could do ANY until I watched your videos. That is an accomplishment. Thanks again.

  10. I absolutely love your site!!!! I crochet hats and scarves, and if you want to, I would love it if you would check me out. If you want to buy something, send me a message and mention that you saw this post, and I will give you a coupon code for 20% off your purchase. Here is a link to my store
    Thanks Sydney

    P.S. I would love it if you could do a teen french braid hairstyle.

  11. And thanks for describing the 4-strand braid in easy terms.


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