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Triple Twisty Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Triple Twist Waterfall Braid - Unique Hairstyle

triple waterfall twist braidWe have had so much fun with the waterfall twist braid from the other day. The Princess has been wearing lots of different variations of it! This hairstyle is probably our favorite variation that we tried. This triple braid reminds me a bit of the carousel braid that we posted ages ago, does anyone remember that?

At first glace this style looks quite complicated and time consuming. But honestly, it can easily be completed in less than ten minutes. With practice you could probably do it in 5!
cascading braidYou could choose to leave your hair down, or tie it back into some type of ponytail, braid or bun. The style will definitely hold up better if you tie the hair back....but looks gorgeous down. So I guess it would depend on the occasion and your preference as to which way you decide to wear it.
waterfall triple braidLeft down, I think this would be a lovely hair style for a flower girl or special occasion. You could add some curls and maybe some flowers or jewels to spice it up!
triple fairytale braidHere's the video tutorial:

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. Wow I love this and cant wait to do this on my 12 year old.

  2. Your daughter is such a trooper for letting your do all these hairstyles on her. Mine would be crying. She hates to have her hair done. I did simple pig tails this morning for school and she was in tears. lol So kiddos to your little helper :)

  3. Love it! I would be lost without you and your blog in my life. Thank you for the great styles and helpful videos!!!

  4. My princess and I just cant get enough of these waterfall styles! She is asking me every day to do them! It's hard to say no to a princess. lol
    Thanks for posting

  5. I wish my daughter would let me do more fun things with her hair. She usually just wants a ponytail or nothing at all. Of course, she's only 4, so maybe she'll be more willing when she gets older. In the meantime, I need to build up my arm muscles so I can try some of these on myself!

  6. Omg I absolutely LOVE this one...haven't stopped by in awhile and I saw this new post of yours and wanted to check it out...and NOW I can't wait to try this on my 6yo daughter's hair...I have a 5yo with really thick and curly hair, will I be able to do the same thing or will it look right? I guess I'll just have to try it tomorrow and see, thank you so much! =)

  7. your so creative and that looks too cute

  8. I wonder if this wud be a good idea 4 Krzy hair day?


    To make braids look neat, and go more smoothly, don't pull the hair! What you want to do, is cross over the strands as high as they will go. Pulling down on it does nothing, except break your hair! It just makes it painful!

    EVERYONE complements me on my hair. I have braided my own hair since I was a teenager. I try to tell the ladies I know, that you don't have to pull on the hair for it to look neat, but they don't listen to me.

    They always tell me how much better my braids come out, but they can't figure out why!

    Ladies, pulling hair does not work! To make TIGHT braids, cross over the strands as high as they will go!

  10. ooo ima have to try this with my dolls wig :) this is really cool!

  11. that is so cute!...wish i could do that on my own hair!!

  12. that's really beautiful I love it


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