Nov 29, 2011

Triple Twisty Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Triple Twist Waterfall Braid - Unique Hairstyle

triple waterfall twist braidWe have had so much fun with the waterfall twist braid from the other day. The Princess has been wearing lots of different variations of it! This hairstyle is probably our favorite variation that we tried. This triple braid reminds me a bit of the carousel braid that we posted ages ago, does anyone remember that?

At first glace this style looks quite complicated and time consuming. But honestly, it can easily be completed in less than ten minutes. With practice you could probably do it in 5!
cascading braidYou could choose to leave your hair down, or tie it back into some type of ponytail, braid or bun. The style will definitely hold up better if you tie the hair back....but looks gorgeous down. So I guess it would depend on the occasion and your preference as to which way you decide to wear it.
waterfall triple braidLeft down, I think this would be a lovely hair style for a flower girl or special occasion. You could add some curls and maybe some flowers or jewels to spice it up!
triple fairytale braidHere's the video tutorial:

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!