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Toddler Hairstyles, A Side Ponytail

Cute hairstyle for babies and toddlers - A side ponytail with "connectors."

holiday hairstyles for babiesMany of you have been asking for more toddler and baby hair style ideas. You're in luck! We'll be posting a couple of toddler holiday hairdos this week.... just for you!

We're starting with this fun side ponytail style. Of course, being under 2 yrs old "The Pea's" hair isn't anywhere near long enough to wrap all the way around her head into a side pony. So, I have split the hair into sections. If the hair you are working with is long enough to get into a little ponytail, you are good to go! This technique of "connecting" the ponytails together works great for many styles when working with short and/or fine hair.

cute hairstyles for a babyI started on the side of her head where I had parted her hair on top (the left) and worked my way over to the right. To keep the flyaways down, I recommend using water to wet each section as you're going. And if the hair you are working with is extra fine, a tiny bit of pomade works wonders.
lady bug hair baretteWhen I was adding the hair in for the last ponytail (on the right side) some of the hair from the front was not quite long enough to reach the elastic, so we added a cute little clip to help hold everything in.

christmas hair idea for toddlersWe used 4 elastics total. You may need to use a few more if the hair you are working with is super short.

christmas hairstyle for babyI think this would be a cute hairstyle for the upcoming holidays (or really any time.) If you wanted to make a halo or Christmas wreath out of her hair, you could bring the connecting ponytails all the way around her head. That would be adorable!

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  1. Love it! Just found your blog and love that you have so many ideas especially for short toddler hair.

  2. I just did this on my 2yo daughter and I loved that it was so quick and easy to do on her. I've done a few others as well and turned out pretty good for a first attempt I've never been one to be fussy with doing anything with my own hair but when I had my daughter I wasn't sure how to I'm sure glad I found this site keep it up. Happy Easter to you your 'Princess" and little 'Pea"

  3. I love this one! I too use it on my 2 year old and always get the most compliments. So I have to tell them about your amazing blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us who are not as creative make our little girls look cute.


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