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Back To School Hairstyles, Quick French Twist

Back to school hairstyles

This fun french twist and flip hairstyle isn't anything new, extravagant, or unique... but very easy and quick. A less than 5 minute hairstyle! I'm thinking this would be perfect for back to school, the office, or anytime you need a quick hairdo.

You could add a rope braid like we did here, or any other type of braid for the accent braid in the front.
french twist hairstyleWe made this hairstyle while her hair was still damp, right after her bath. I love this type of hairstyle for school mornings because most of the time we don't have time for blow dryers or curling irons, know what I mean?
easy twist hairstyleWe do add some hairspray to this finished style and it usually lasts all day.
back to school hairstylesHere's the video tutorial:

The clip we used in this video is from Lila Rose. If you don't have a flexi clip you could use a barrette, claw clip, bobby pins or other accessory to secure the twist.

My kids actually went back to school today! I just dropped them off. Sad and happy at the same time. :)

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  1. Quick and easy! We'll be using this hairstyle for school this year for sure. thanks

  2. this is perfect! I've been needing lots of easy hairdos lately!
    Totally gonna try it!

  3. my daughter's hair isn't long enough for the french twist but I am so going to use the twist braid for the front part the next time I do some piggie tails!!!! Yeah!!!!

  4. WOW! You have amazing ideas on here! I just discovered your site thru a friend of mine who posted it on FB! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Another wonderful hairstyle!!!

  6. Wow, I will definitely have to remember this one later on.

  7. Very nice - if only my daughter would let me do something with her hair!

  8. This is very pretty…I like it for me too.

  9. Very simple but cute. Please, please add "picture day hairstyles" to your Quick Search.

  10. Thank you for this hairstyle. All summer long, anything that I would do to my daughters hair I would take a pic and now I have a nice little rolodex of styles for the school year.

    My best, Lynn

  11. Love this one, thank you!

  12. Cute!! Do you happen to know what size of flexi clip you have? I definetly need one of these, but I'm not sure what size to order?

  13. super cute....

    I need to do more with my daughters hair. I've been so busy. and she's finally started growing it long again

  14. Best Hair ReplacementSeptember 7, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    Nice hairstyles. Some of them are really awesome.

  15. OMG !!!! Awesome hair so my daughter is using all the time now. Thanks soooo much :)

  16. good hairstyle, but making this on damp hair, wont it initiate hair problems? fungus and all?

  17. Hi,
    An amazing blog about hairstyles.
    Thank you!


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