Aug 11, 2011

Elastic Curvy Braid Hairstyle

Elastic Curvy Braid Or "Snake Braid" Hairstyle

We recently posted a french braided hairstyle (the curvy cascading veil.) This is basically the same hairstyle, a very similar look anyway. But no french braiding skills required!
snake braidIf you have bangs, you can style them the way you normally would and then start your first elastic directly behind them. Or if you would rather use the hair in the front of her head to make the elastic braid, you could do that as well (instead of pulling the hair underneath like we did.)
elastic cage braidWe styled her hair like this for church one Sunday and added a small flower at each rubber band. It turned out super cute and would have been an adorable hairstyle for a flower girl! (I should have taken a picture for you.)
hairstyles for flower girlsYou will need fairly long hair to complete this hair style as well as several small rubber bands. The brand we usually use is "Goody Ouchless."

Here's the video tutorial: