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Rapunzel Hair - Too Funny Not To Share!

So, our Princess has a long Rapunzel wig which she loves to braid, comb, and play dress-up with.
One day as I was doing the dishes, I saw THIS go toddling by.......
cousin itYes, that is "The Pea" under there lol. I guess she just couldn't help herself when she saw all that pretty hair in the Princess's room! The sight of that long blond wig trailing behind her tiny body was hilarious. Very "Cousin It."

In case you forgot what her hair really looks like, here's the before...
toddler hairAnd after!
blond wigWhat an amazing transformation. :)
rapunzel hairA blond Mona Lisa.
mona lisa
Btw: We have several new hairstyles filmed and ready to go for you, but unfortunately I've been having technical difficulties getting them uploaded. :( Hopefully I can get it to work soon. In the meantime, thanks for enjoying our little Rapunzel story!

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  1. LOL! I thought that first picture was of a doll!

  2. I had to read it a couple of times because I thought the picture was of a doll! SO CUTE!!!! :)

  3. Too Cute!! :) I thought the first picture she was a doll too! :)

  4. Cute story. What is the hairstyle that she actually has? Is it just little ponies? Just wondering!

  5. How cute! She's getting so big! Fun that she'll sit for you too & let you do stuff in her hair! Love it. That wig is hilarious!

  6. I laughed at how adorable your baby looks with her wig on. She looks like a Rock Star. lol....I also loved her ponytails. ;-)

  7. LOL!! The first picture from the back looks just like Repunzel in Tangled!!!
    So cute!!

    ~ E&J's
    hair accessories

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. that is SO adorable!! That first picture from behind she looks just like a doll!

  10. HAHA I thought that was a Rapunzel doll from Tangled. She is sooooooo cute!

  11. Awww!!!! She's adorable. How cute!

  12. Wow looks like a baby doll. So Cute.

  13. The new hairstyles look great I really like the creativity!

  14. That is so funny and that looks like my real hair


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