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Hairstyles For Boys, The Faux Hawk

Hairstyles for little boys: The Faux Hawk, or fake mohawk....

Our princess is the hairstylist in our video tutorial today! She has been practicing boy styles on her little brother's head pretty much since he was born and is actually very good at it!

As you can tell from his cheesy grin, he loves his spikey Faux Hawk!

faux hawk hairstyleHere's our video tutorial where the princess will show you step by step how to create this look:

The mousse she used in the video to make the mohawk is just good old Suave. You could use gel or pomade as well... whatever you have on hand.

He's so funny, I love this smile. Yay for fun spiky hair for boys!!

hair for boys

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  1. Too cute! She did a wonderful job and I just love how he cooperates so well!

  2. She did a great job! He looks pretty handsome!

  3. I've done this hairdo on my little girl after baths (no product) when she was little and only had a little bit of hair. I thought she looked cute but my hubby hated it! lol

  4. This just happens to be my 5 year old's 'do of choice. And how nice that it only takes 2 minutes, instead of all of the time I spend on my daughter. Yay for EASY boy hair!

  5. Just Purchased a new 1 inch flat iron and am looking for some great teen dos. Requested some over at ,but Mindy never responded. I was wondering if you could do some. I know how to crimp, curl, wave, and straighten with a flat iron, but was looking for some cute teen dos incorporating those techniques. I really hope you do it! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

  6. LOVE IT!!!! And judging by the big, adorable smile on his face so did he. ♥

  7. Cutest thing ever! I love their giggling at the beginning and him saying, I'm Soaked. Too funny. Trista

  8. Love the style! Your two little ones could be twins!

  9. I do this to my little brothers all the time except I use gel. Great job Princess!!

    ~ E&J's
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