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Summer Hairstyles, The 3D Braid

Simple side braid summer hairstyle. A cute hairstyle for the beach!
We love the look of a simple and classic loose braid on the side. A regular 3 strand braid of course is always great. But, this pass-through, 3 strand box braid, or "3D" braid may be something new and fun to try.
3-d braidAt first glance, this braid doesn't look a whole lot different than a regular braid. But if you look closely, you might notice that this braid is 3 dimensional.

As you can see from the side view, the side of this braid looks the same as the front! That is what I mean by "3-D." All 4 sides of the braid look basically the same, forming a square shaped 4 sided braid.
summer hairstylesThis cute summer hairstyle is quick and fairly easy to complete. Here's the video tutorial showing how to form the braid:

Of course, to go with our fun summer hairstyle we also need a cute summer dress! I absolutely love this darling sleeveless sun dress on our Princess. And as a side note, the Princess has very fair skin, so it's a must around here to use sunscreen in the summer. summer dress for girlsShabby Apple has been a favorite place to shop for our dresses for awhile now. I adore the vintage look and fell in love with their stuff the moment I laid eyes on their website. If I could afford it (and if we had room in our closets) I would most likely own every dress they make for both myself and the Princess! :)
shabby apple sleeveless dress*The dress shown in this post was provided to us by Shabby Apple. No other compensation was exchanged. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post, that style is so cool! Wow, it also shows how things have grown: the princess, her hair and your confidence on film! Congrats!

  2. What kind of product do you use on your daughters hair? It's so shiny! My girls have a bit of natural wave and all sorts of funny cowlicks, and my fingers never work like yours, but we still have fun trying to replicate the do's!

    1. I'm the kid and same with me : )

  3. This is so cute. I can't wait to try it on my DD. She is getting into "Cute Hair". Makes it easier to get her to sit still.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. The dress and the hairstyle are both adorable.

  5. oh, I love that braid! And the dress is super cute too!

  6. Wow! it's amazing.really i like your blog, because kid hair style is very nice.thanx

  7. I don't understand how to do this. I followed your instructions, but wound up with two regular braids, directly on top of each other, but separate, if that makes sense, instead of one braid.


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