Jul 1, 2011

4th Of July Hairstyles

Yay for fourth of July hairdos! For your hairstyling happiness, (and searching ease) I quickly pulled together a couple of oldies and a few of our recent posts that I think would be cute for the 4th . Just click on the title (above each picture) of the 4th of July hairstyle you would like to see to go to the instructions.

Ribbon Star Hairstyle

4th Of July Glowing Hairstyle
Ribbon Cornrows
star hairstylePatriotic Headband
braided headband
Crazy Firework Hair
4th of july hairstyle
Red White and Blue After looking at some of our older posts, I have to say, my picture taking skills back then were even worse than they are now, LOL!! I've improved!! :)
hairstyle with ribbons for girls
Triple Ribbon Buns (Just use red, white and blue ribbons instead of the pink.)

Twisted Star Pigtailsbraided buns with ribbons
French Braids With Ribbons
sewn hairstyle
Colorful Fishtail Braid
 Patriotic Ribbon Bun