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Ribbon Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle

A fancy ribbon hairstyle

You may remember the 2 strand ribbon wrapped braid from awhile back? We actually use this technique quite often because it's so cute, quick and unique. You can find one of our old favorites using the 2 strand version here: Quick Ribbon Wrapped Hairstyle. And recently my friend Becky over at Babes in Hairland did a variation of this braid which she calls the figure 8 braid using hair instead of ribbon which I thought was super cute as well.

Well, one day I was experimenting and decided to give it a try with 3 strands instead of 2 strands to see how it would turn out. We both thought it looked pretty cool, so I thought we would share.

Of course, you could actually use this technique with as many strands as you would like! Anyone brave enough to try 4, 5, or 6 strands? ;)

fancy ponytail hairstyleYou will need a fairly long piece of ribbon to complete this hairstyle (depending on how long the hair is you are working on of course.) I'm thinking the ribbon we used was about 3 feet long.

ribbon wrapped hair
The video tutorial:

A funny side note: Right after we uploaded this hairstyle video to YouTube, I noticed one of the members of our facebook page (Ivana) had just uploaded a picture of this same braid! I thought it was pretty cool we were thinking of the same thing at the same time. What are the odds, right? (Especially considering how different this style is.) Btw, if you haven't looked through the photos that have been submitted to our page for awhile you should go check them out! You guys have submitted some great style ideas. And of course, feel free to add your own creations while you're there. I love to see what you guys come up with!

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  1. How cute! I love all your styles. I am so uncreative. If I had a girl, I would be here all day trying to learn your styles. :)

  2. I bet she's the envy of all her friends, with all the beautiful ways you fix her hair.

  3. When I first read the title I was doing "What the heck is she doing?!!! That is awful." Then re-read it and went "Oh, that says Ribbon, not Bacon."

    I think I need to stop reading so fast.

  4. now that is unique! I love this look!

  5. Wow, I love this..very Maid Marian!

  6. Your blog is totally amazing!

  7. Yeah, i second Penelope, it's very renaissance :)

  8. I truly wish that I had a gift such as yours.. everything you do is unique and very creative. Oh and I love the Ribbon idea.. very classic!

  9. WoW..nice.. interesting i say.. Maybe i'll try it.. ;) thanks for sharing... I loved what you did with that pretty child's hair.. :)

  10. That is pretty cool. I love how unique all the hairstyles are. They look like fun too!

  11. i love all your hair styles my mum try's them on me

    i would love to be your little girls friend :)

    from olivia breuza age 10


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