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Toddler Hairstyles, Quick Ponytail Knot

The idea for this toddler hairdo (or baby) hairstyle came from our archives. You might remember seeing this 5 minute hairstyle on our Princess quite some time ago. This style could work for all ages, short and long hair included.

Here's the finished hairstyle, the hair knot:

toddler hairdoI love her natural wavy curls, aren't they so cute?!

hairstyle for toddlers
Since we have started posting some baby styles with our Pea, we've had a ton of questions about how we get her to hold still while doing her hair. This video is showing less of how we did the style and more of how this baby does not hold still. :) We really don't have any special tricks or magic potions! I just try to work quick and not worry about the details. Enjoy!!

A special thank you to our Princess for keeping our little Pea happy during the making of this video tutorial! :)

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  1. she is so cute!!!!! =)

  2. That was hilarious! Way to move with your moving target, very cute style also!

  3. This just makes me smile! What a little sweetheart, and how cute that she loves your princess too.

    I can't wait until my 1 year old has enough hair to make a ponytail without hurting her little head :)

  4. Awww, I loved hearing that sweet little laugh! I don't have any little ones this age, but I think this would even be a cute (and fast) hairdo to do on my 5 year old, with her starting school in a few weeks.

  5. Too cute, I have a two year old daughter, but her hair looks a little thinner then lil pea's hair, would it still work the same way do you think? =) Thank you, and also if you have any ideas on cute flower girl hair styles???

  6. Awwww!!!! I love it! I wish my daughter was still little so I could do this to her hair. At 14 I doubt she'd let me now. Ha Ha.

  7. Lol that is "holding still" compared to trying to do my daughter's hair :P Ours is more of a me chasing her around trying to get it up in a ponytail as quickly as possible routine. I can't wait until my daughter actually wants me to do her hair and will stay still enough to do more fun hairstyles!


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