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Baby Hairstyles - Criss Cross Pigtails

Criss Cross Headband With Pigtails Hairstyle For Babies:

criss cross hairstyle for babiesSince I have about a 1-2 minute window to complete a style on our little Pea before she is done... I don't have time for step by step pics. This is the best I could do!

Make ponytail 1, then directly behind it make ponytail 2. Split ponytail 2 in half and take each half of the hair over to combine on each side with ponytails 3. Lastly, split the hair in ponytail 1 in half and adding the hair from each of those halves with the hair from ponytails 3 on each side, combine everything into ponytails 4 to form the pigtails. Whew!
hairstyle instructions for baby
baby girlNon hairstyle related, but don't you love these chubby little baby arms? :)
cute baby girl hairstyleWe'll have another baby hairstyle ready for you tomorrow, so be sure to check back. In case you missed it, you can find hairdo #1 of our baby hair week here:

Baby Hairstyle - 4 Ponytails

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  1. That is cute! I'll have to try that on my 5yr old tomorrow. She has super curly hair and its thin up front.

  2. how old is she? she's darling. looks to be about the same age as my littlest. sadly we haven't got half that much hair to play with but once belle does have hair. i'm lovong the week :-)

  3. Cute! We call this the veil style...if you get to the point where she'll sit a little longer, try braiding the sections (it's a different look, is super cute and it'll probably last a little longer)!


  4. So stinkin' cute. I do love the chubby cheeks.

  5. i AM so sorry, but , shes no baby anymore... shes a toddler. :)

  6. I hate coming to your blog... Because it makes me want to have a girl so badly! LOL Thumbs up!

  7. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! =)
    the pig tails make her even cuter!

  8. OMG sometimes having boys only sucks! LOL! When I was young I always dreamed of doing my daughter's hair then I had 3 boys....

  9. I had to grab my daughter and do this as soon as I saw it. =)

  10. i like the hair style but my baby wont allow me do its bad she wont allow me to touch her hairs


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