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Baby Hairstyles - 4 Connecting Ponytails

For all of you with tiny princesses... welcome to "Baby Hair Week!" We'll be posting a Baby Hairstyle each day for the rest of this week!! Keep in mind, there is only so much that can be done with baby hair. These styles won't be anything extravagant or unique, just some fun hairdo's we have done with our Little Pea that we wanted to share.

To kick off our baby hairstyling event:

4 Connecting Ponytails Hairstyle

cute baby hairstylesAs you can see: I started with the ponytail in the front, split it in half and added that hair to the 2 ponytails in the middle. All of the hair from the middle 2 ponytails were then added to the last ponytail in the back. Easy and quick!
baby hairstyle using elasticsWe've been using these tiny cloth covered ponytail holders which we found at the dollar store. You could use regular small elastic bands if you wanted to (which would probably stay in better if you have problems with your baby pulling them out.) But, our little pea has such soft baby hair and I worry about breaking it with regular bands. So, this is what we're sticking with for now.
baby ponytail hairstyleDoesn't she have a such cute little head of hair?
hairstyle for an infantSome tips....
  • Don't worry about getting the parts exactly straight. If your baby is anything like this one, you don't have time for that! Baby hair is always cute, even with crooked parts.
  • A little bit of water makes all the difference. Spray her hair with some water before you start and everything will go a lot smoother.
  • If your baby isn't "in the mood" to have her hair done, then don't. It's not worth making her unhappy.
  • Have some toys or snacks ready for her before you begin to keep her busy for a minute.
  • It's ok to take a break mid-style and finish later if you need to.
  • I've found it's easier to have her sitting in a high chair or car seat where she's semi-restrained rather than chasing after her while she crawls away. ;)
  • And lastly... work quickly!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for another fun hairstyle idea for babies. Oh and of course, this style could work for a big girl as well!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I wish my baby had some hair to do this with!! :) She's 19 months and still barely has hair! One day!!

  2. My 'baby' is 3 1/2 years old, and still only has this much hair! Oh yeah, and it's only ever been trimmed once. Yeah. This is an excellent style idea for her - I am going to love this week! Thanks!!

  3. I love the new feature of baby hair! This makes me wish my daughter was still little lol

  4. Something that I do to keep my lil ones occupied is let them play with the spray bottle of water. Sometimes they soak themselves but it keeps them occupied.

  5. Very cute! I'll be watching this topic closely. Our 3-year-old daughter came home from China last September with very short hair, so our options are limited. Thanks!

  6. Haha! I LOVE this it is way too cute :)

  7. this is great; my daughter is 10 months old with a FULL head of hair, and i'm always trying to come up with quick, cute styles to do. thanks for the baby hairstyles! :)

  8. She's so cute! Glad to see you're having fun w/her hair too. What a doll!

  9. When my daughter was that age I would have her sit on the counter with her feet in the sink. Pretty soon she started grabbing her big brother's toothbrush adn "brush" her teeth while I did her hair. It kept her occupied for a couple minutes. And still to this day (she is four now) she brushes her teeth while I do her hair every morning.


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