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How To French Braid - 4 Strand

You may remember the 4 strand woven braid we posted a few weeks ago. If you figured out how to make that braid, this french braid shouldn't be too hard.

The video tutorial for making this braid is at the bottom of this post. These are just a few ideas for hairstyles that can be made using this french braid.

A 4 strand braided headband with a fake bun:
braided headband with bun We added one of our homemade rosette headbands behind the braid just for fun.
rosette headband For this next hairstyle, I just french braided a small portion in front and ended the braid with a decorative bobby pin from Hair Flair Boutique:
front braid with bobby pin And added a messy bun.
messy bun And lastly, another french braided headband with added ribbon and barbie bangs.
french braid headband
ribbon braid headband Here's the tutorial for making the french braid....

I love how intricate and different this french braid looks without being extremely difficult to make. After I posted the regular 4 strand braid, we even had a few moms on our facebook page get one step ahead and figured out how to do make this braid all on their own before I posted this video! Let me know how it turns out if you try it. :)

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  1. That is such a neat variation! Thanks for sharing! Your videos are great! You make it very easy to learn and understand! I can't wait to give this a try!

  2. I really like this braid, its easy but looks oh so pretty! thanks for the tutorial.

  3. i just did it and it came out cute. i have to leave early tomorrow so i was looking for something that would do ok overnight. i will finish the hairstyle in the morning if the braid stays put! i do her hair every morning with something from your sight, we both love it!!

  4. Amazing blog post! I have always been giving huge importance to my hair. I love experimenting with my look and sometimes I use hairpieces to do that. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  5. I just want to say that the hairstyles here are just absolutely lovely! I'm already an adult and I want to do this to my own hair sometime. I think it would look terrific for a garden party.

  6. on the show Kickin It episode number seventeen Kim has a hairstyle that looks really cute!

  7. Anonymous:

    I've seen it and it is pretty!! She's just soooo pretty!!!!!

  8. i love this hairstyle!

  9. there really original and cute

  10. You do it kind of fast. I found it hard to follow the strands...


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