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Holiday Hairstyle

This would be a cute Christmas hairstyle, a holiday party hairstyle, or for any time. You could just change up the colors of the ribbons in the braids for your occasion. This really isn't difficult or as time consuming as it looks either. You just need to know how to french braid. See the "how to" video below.....
Holiday Hairstyle As a side note, this Christmas hairstyle would work on short or long hair. If your hair is long enough for a small french braid, you're good to go. And... can you believe how long her hair is getting? It grew back out after her hair cut quicker than I thought it would.Christmas Hairstyle with braids
Christmas hairstyle with ribbons
Christmas hairstyle The hairstyle video tutorial:

These "Christmas ribbon cornrows" held up pretty well. We actually kept this holiday hair style in for several days! A Christmas bonus. :)

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  1. Very pretty and festive!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. I love the way the ribbons intertwine with her hair! You have such a good way of making difficult looking hairstyles easy to pull off :)

  3. Oh I love it! Thanks! Will try it on my daughter for our Christmas Eve service!

  4. This was a great hairdo for my daughter's Christmas concert. It was fairly easy to do, aand didn't take long either. AND, it has lasted several days:) Thanks!


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