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Christmas Hairstyle - Easy

We've had a request for an EASY and quick Holiday Hairstyle that doesn't involve french braiding. I think this one should be doable for everyone!
Christmas Hairstyle Start by making 3 sections in the front.
This step is optional: Make a pull though going towards the top of her head with each of the side sections.
Now thread a ribbon through the elastic on each of the side sections and make sure the ends are the same length. (It may be easier for you to thread the ribbons through the elastics before you do the pull throughs.)
Take the ribbons and wrap them around the ponytails on each side. Then add both side ponytails in with the ponytail in the middle.
Add a cute Christmasy bow and you are done!
christmas hair holiday hair
The Princess thought this hair style would be cute with a candy cane bow. I agree! We might make one IF we get some extra time before Christmas.
christmas hair for little girls
easy holiday hair
easy holiday hair style If you are going to a special holiday party or Christmas program or church and want to take the extra time to curl her hair, you could do that too. :)

This Christmas hairstyle took all of 5 minutes!

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  1. Cute! At first I thought this was going to be a Princess Leia hairdo. :D

  2. These are so creative! I have to try some of these as my girls live in braids and ponytails.

  3. I love your hairstyles!!! I think that they are very creative, and if I could do hair better than I can now... I would do this on myself!!! Can you please make more Christmas hairstyle videos?

  4. sounds complicated but looks cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i dont like this hairstyle upload a better one please.....


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