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BFC Ink Doll Hairstyle

For Christmas The Princess got a BFC Ink Doll (Best Friends Club doll) named "Kaitlin." The first thing she and I noticed when she opened the box was the cute braided hairstyle this doll came with! Then of course The Princess wanted her hair done the same way to match. :)

BFC doll hairstyle This has to be the cutest doll hairstyle I have ever seen. We love bohemian braids, hippie braids and princess braids! I think this hairstyle fits into all 3 of those categories. :)braided doll hairstyle Even though our recreation didn't turn out exactly the same as the doll hairstyle (our human hair isn't quite as thick) we are loving this hairdo. It was quick, easy, and fun to do!

Here's just a quick video of The Princess with her her new doll and hairstyle.

It's always fun to get a new hairstyle idea. So, thank you BFC Ink for the inspiration!

And just in case you are wondering where you can find these BFC dolls.... I'll save you the time. I bought this one online at AmazonBFC INK doll kaitlin. There are several dolls available (Addison, Calista, Kaitlin, Aliesha and Noelle.) You can go to the BFC Doll website to see all of the dolls and accessories they have. Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us and Target also carry this brand.

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  1. Love this one! Very cute!

  2. My daughter got this exact same doll and wanted the same hairstyle too. How cute is that I just haven't got ours posted yet. She looks beautiful.

  3. Way too cute! I love it! Both versions! :D

  4. Love the hairstyle! I always braid my niece that way, too bad she did something to her hair and her mom was forced to cut it short. So we'll have to wait a few more month to grow it long again. :)

  5. My daughter got this doll as well. She wanted an American Girl doll, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $95 for a doll she's probably gonna loose interest in in a few weeks. I am so glad we went with this doll instead - she loves it and wants me to do her hair this way on the first day back to school.... I'm thinking about using curlformers on the back to give it some bounce :)

  6. Princess's hairstyle is very cute.

    I keep looking at the doll's hair. I see the three braids, but it looks like there is some weaving of the braids together before they become separate braids. Like they are sharing/switching strands.

  7. That is so cute! I always notice the styles on the barbie's hair as well, they usually have some cute ones too.

  8. diamond,

    I thought the same thing when I first saw it! After pulling everything apart, we found that they are indeed just 3 separate braids. The way they are laying they look woven together though. I thought about doing french braids or weaving the braids together somehow to make them look more like the dolls. Maybe next time we do it. :)

  9. Love this! I used it on my daughter this morning for her first day back to school :)

  10. In canada you can buy the dolls at superstore and they are on major sale right now :)

  11. I've tried this braid a couple of times. . .it is SO cute. But it seems like the bottom hair wants to creep up and makes it look really messy. Am I doing something wrong? It's such a cute do and so very easy, I really want to get it to work!

  12. Any idea how to keep the doll's hair looking good? We got each of our daughters one of these for a wedding they are going to be in. Their flower girls dresses come with doll dresses, and I liked these dolls best. Anyhoo, have you found anything to keep their hair looking nice? Thanks!

    1. When you brush it spritz the doll hair with water and don't brush straight down. Kinda move the brush back and forth

  13. My daughter and I were looking for hair styles for her Portraits I'm taking today and she fell in love with this one! Thanks! Also, we got a cool style off a Liv doll a few weeks ago, I love copying doll styles! :)

  14. Fun... We also picked this one for Spring school pics. Love the inspiration. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)


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