Dec 28, 2010

BFC Ink Doll Hairstyle

For Christmas The Princess got a BFC Ink Doll (Best Friends Club doll) named "Kaitlin." The first thing she and I noticed when she opened the box was the cute braided hairstyle this doll came with! Then of course The Princess wanted her hair done the same way to match. :)

BFC doll hairstyle This has to be the cutest doll hairstyle I have ever seen. We love bohemian braids, hippie braids and princess braids! I think this hairstyle fits into all 3 of those categories. :)braided doll hairstyle Even though our recreation didn't turn out exactly the same as the doll hairstyle (our human hair isn't quite as thick) we are loving this hairdo. It was quick, easy, and fun to do!

Here's just a quick video of The Princess with her her new doll and hairstyle.

It's always fun to get a new hairstyle idea. So, thank you BFC Ink for the inspiration!

And just in case you are wondering where you can find these BFC dolls.... I'll save you the time. I bought this one online at AmazonBFC INK doll kaitlin. There are several dolls available (Addison, Calista, Kaitlin, Aliesha and Noelle.) You can go to the BFC Doll website to see all of the dolls and accessories they have. Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us and Target also carry this brand.