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Baby Hairstyles - Tiny Twists

You may remember me mentioning "The Pea?" Well, the princess and I have been having so much fun with her. She's kind of like our real life doll!

We attempted a baby hairstyle with her little head of hair the other day. This really isn't "blog worthy." But, she's just so cute, we decided she must make another appearance on our hair blog. :)

baby hair style with twists As you can see, it's just a few tiny twists pulled together with a clip. Pretty much the best I could do on a moving target lol.
infant hairstyle Our strategy was to place her in the car seat (since she can't sit up on her own yet) and then "The Princess" would entertain her while I hurried and made the hairdo. It really does almost take 2 people!

And then trying to get a decent picture of the style is a whole other job.
baby hairstyle This one was taken after her nap and lots of rolling over and over.... and over. The twists actually held up fairly well! cute baby And one more, just because she's so darn adorable.
baby girl Baby hair 101. How fun!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your families. Love this time of year!

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  1. She is getting so big! Love the hairstyle!

  2. the pea is so cute! i love her face... good luck when she crawls though the cutest ones get in the most trouble lol

  3. Whenever I did my girls hair before they could sit up I would sit them in a bumbo chair and would put toys or food on the tray. They loved it and it gave me enough time to atleast get some piggies in!

  4. She's a beauty. Definitely worth posting! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh my she is adorable - my daughter never had enough hair when she was little to do anything like that until she was like 3 LOL

  6. Found you from Tatertots & Jello, and I am sooo excited! My little one is almost 2, and still doesn't have as much hair as your baby. haha. But when she does... :)- - your blog is gonna be my BFF.


  7. Please can you post more hairstyles for babies? My 20 month old has pretty much the same length hair all around. We never cut bangs. I am running out of ideas besides pig tails and mini buns. Help! Also, she won't sit still for long so I have to do it quick! Any tips?

  8. my baby girl does not let me do her hair what can i do so i can do the hair style on her ?

  9. Well I felt the same way so she will just wear head bands or get some one else


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