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Ribbon Braid Design - Scunci Design Weaver

So, we recently got a new "hairstyling toy" from Hair Flair Boutique called the Design Weaver (made by Scunci.) The package includes a hair weaving tool (similar to a plastic needle) and 4 colored ribbons that look a lot like tulle or netting, but glide smoothly through braids and hair.

The weaving tool that comes in this package is nice because the eye is much larger than a regular craft needle (making it easier to thread hair and ribbons through.) If you wanted to do something like this woven basket hairstyle or this quick woven ponytail the weaving tool would really come in handy. :)

These aren't available in stores yet and can only be purchased online. If you click here: Design Weaver it will take you to Amazon, where they are available to purchase.
scunci design weaverAs you can see, we've been having lots of fun with this! This wrapped around french braid ribbon design is just one of many hairstyles we've created using this new tool. The Princess has asked for ribbons in her hair almost every day since we got our design weaver package! We'll probably be posting a few more hairstyles we have done with this in the near future, but I won't bore you with all of them. Lets just say, the possibilities are endless! wrap around french braidThis kind of reminds me of a hairstyle you might see at a renaissance faire or festival. renaissance braiding A fun, colorful, princessy version of a side swept ribbon french braid.....renaissaince hairstyle And this is a more elegant, sophisticated, subtle version of basically the same hairstyle......
elegant ribbon braid We also did a french braid going up the back of her head (with the black ribbon) and a messy bun for church. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately I didn't take any pics that day. Anyway, just an idea if you wanted something more elegant or an updo for a teen or tween.
ribbon french braid
ribbon braiding And here are the video instructions to create this fun hair style:

The princess really loved his hairdo. :)

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  1. Thank you so much, I love ribbons in little girls hairstyles and I love this hairstyle.

  2. love it! I'm going to buy one right now!

  3. I think that is so cute! And I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to figure out if I want one, but is it really any different than using a crafting needle?

  4. I am going to go get one! I think you could use it in place of a topsy tail and it looks way more sturdy! am I right?

  5. Hi Britta, I agree, I think you could accomplish the same look and do most ribbon hairstyles with a regular craft needle. The only difference is that the eye on this tool is larger for easier threading, it's longer, and the ribbons that come in the package are thick, but glide through the hair easily.

    Chic clips, I haven't tried it in place of a topsy tail! It might work, I may give it a try. :)

  6. i didnt buy the package, i used a plastic needle and pre-wrap. the best part about pre-wrap is you can find it at claire's and most sporting good stores. it comes in lots of colors too!!!! =)

  7. hairstyles - short hairstylesDecember 11, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    I would say the video is awesome, very creative! The hairstyle is perfect for children as well as for the adults. I appreciate your post!

  8. what is the first fabric you used called?
    Also, where did you get it

  9. The fabrics come with the tool


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