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Holiday Photo Contest

1st Place Prize - $50 Walmart gift card or paypal cash (winner's choice)

2nd Place - $40 Walmart gift card or paypal cash

3rd Place - $25 Walmart gift card or paypal cash

Here's how to play:

Choose a photo of your favorite holiday moment. (This could be pretty much anything from any holiday.) For example: Decorating a Christmas tree, building a snowman, a family gathering, even a holiday hairstyle.

By submitting a photo, you are agreeing that you own the photo, you are the legal guardian/parent of any children in the photo, and the photo is not under copyright. Send the photo to me in email (princesshairstyles at gmail dot com.) After you send me the picture, I will post it in an album titled "Holiday Photo Contest" on our facebook fan page.

Who will choose the winners? YOU WILL!

How To Get Votes For Your Photo:

To get votes for your photo, people need to LIKE it on facebook. What do I mean by "like?" In the "Holiday Photo Contest Album" (where all the pictures will be) if someone clicks on your photo, they will see a link underneath the picture that says "like." (To see the "like" link, the person voting does need to be a fan or "like" our hairstyle page first.) Every time someone clicks on "like" underneath your photo, you will get a vote. Easy Peasy! Facebook conveniently will only let each person like a photo one time, so you won't have to worry about someone voting on the same photo over and over. :) You can try to get votes however you would like (blogging, posting on facebook, sending emails to family and friends, etc.) Or just send the picture in and see what happens. *Yes, you ARE allowed to vote for your own photo. :)

How The Winners/Prizes Will Be Determined:

Whoever has the most "likes" on their photo when the contest ends will win the first place prize of $50. The photo with the second most likes will win the 2nd place prize of $40. The photo with the 3rd most likes will win the 3rd place prize of $25.

*By submitting a photograph, you are giving me permission to post it on our facebook page for this contest. Photos may be submitted right up until the contest closes. The earlier you get your photo in, the more time you will have to collect votes!

My intent is to upload your pictures to the contest album 3 times per day while the contest is running. I will do my best to get to your pic as soon as possible, but keep in mind.... it's a "one man show" around here. :) The photos will be added to the album in the order I receive them in email. *One or two (if you just can't decide) photos may be submitted per household.

This contest will close and votes will promptly be counted on Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. mountain time.

Good luck! Can't wait to see your pictures!!

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  1. I like # 28 I tried to like it on facebook and it wont let me. I hope you will count his as my vote!

  2. I am just wondering if you have a post or how to on the second picture up on top. It looks like a half french braid. Thanks!

  3. @Tami, You need to "like" our hairstyle fan page before the link to like the photos in the contest will show up. :)

    @karatekickers, You can find instructions to that hairstyle here:

  4. Can I post a "digital scrapbook" page? It's a photo that I did some editing to. I don't want to break the rules.


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