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4 Strand Braided Net

Has anyone been practicing the 4-strand woven braid we posted the other day? I hope so! We've been having fun creating cute hairstyles with it. :)

Here's the first of a few.......4 strand braid hairstyle To make this "four strand plaited net":

Start by making a part from ear to ear, then make 4 sections along the front. Make a 4-strand woven braid in each of those sections (about 2 inches long) and put a clip at the bottom of each braid to keep it from unraveling. Take the braid in the middle/left and split it in half by removing 2 of the 4 strands from the clip.

Next, split the braid furthest to the left in half (by combining 2 strands in each half) and remove the clip completely. Now you should have formed 2 strands from each of those braids (4 total strands.) Braid those together to form another new 4 strand braid. Braid down another 2 inches and add a clip.
You should be able to repeat this process by splitting the remaining braids the same way you did the first 2 (forming 3 new braids.) The new middle braid will be formed by taking the 2 leftover sections from each of the left and right original middle braids. Gosh, this is starting to sound confusing, even though it's not!

(As you can see, I messed up when I joined the 2 braids on the left and flipped the original braid over, oops. :))
I finished this off by splitting and combining the braids one more time to form 2 final braids. Of course, you could go one more time and end with only one braid if you wanted to. I thought it was cute just like this though (and would have been even cuter if I hadn't messed up that left side, lol.)
braid hairstyle for girls
From the top......
And the side.....
braided hairstyle I think this fun braided hairstyle would be cute on little girls as well as tweens and teens!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. That is really cute! I've gotta get going on the 4 strand stuff!

  2. I have been doing the 4 strand braid you showed! I actually did it today. I really like this hairdo, I'm going to have to try this now!!

  3. Finally my dinosaur computer let me log in to blogger! I was so excited to see what you did with the 4-strand flat braid! When you do a video tutorial, what kind of video camera do you use? I need to get one next Friday!

  4. Any plans to do a video tutorial of the 4 strand braided net. I have studied the photo's over and over and I just cant work out how to join the braids. I love this style and so badly want to try it on my daughter. I love your site.


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